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Erdos is a cloaking skill practitioner at Elyos Square in Sanctum. He is confident that he can master the skill if he keeps trying. He invites people he encounters while traveling to come back to Sanctum.

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"Wait a moment. You spoke to me.
That means you can see me, doesn't it?
Oh, blast it all! I thought I'd made myself invisible, that time. I'm never going to master Cloaking!"
1 "What's Cloaking?"
X "I'll be going now."
"Cloaking draws on the power of Aether to conceal you by warping light around you. You're supposed to be able to evade enemies or lie in wait for them unseen.
That's presuming you can actually do it, which I apparently can't.
Of course, nobody's actually succeeded yet, but that's no reason not to try, is it?"
X "I suppose not."
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