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Aion- Upheaval - Enshar Flythrough

Enshar, also known as VengarEU, is the right half of the sunken continent that was uncovered during the Upheaval. It was since occupied by the Asmodians and now serves as the primary levelling zone for level 56-75 Asmodian characters.

The map is connected to its Elyos counterpart, Cygnea, through different types of rifts that frequently appear in the landscape. Due to the frequent appearances of these rifts, Asmodian players are advised to travel in groups where possible.

Accessing Enshar[]


A land with two names, wrenched forth from the depths of a reluctant ocean, bares its face anew to the sun and sky. Secrets long drowned fill Cygnea and Enshar with a spark of mystery and foreboding. A darkness hangs over these lands, casting a shadow over each meeting of blades. Filled with aquatic creatures and treacherous, alien terrain, these lost lands hold secrets best left forgotten.

Residing on the other half of the risen island is Enshar, home of the Tehji tribes and claimed by the Asmodian people as their base of operations. Explore lush coral-speckled landscapes and towering organic trees that sway on the wind like a jellyfish in the sea.

-Official description from the 4.8 Patchnotes.

Lay of the Land[]

Map of Enshar

Compared to Cygnea, Enshar sees a more varied and hostile landscape. The roads are curved instead of straightforward, wrenching into all corners of the map, and the wildlife is quick to prey on traveller who stray even the tiniest bit from the main roads. Add up the numerous Elyos incursions, and the aspiring Asmodian hero will find Enshar a challenging yet exciting place to explore.

The map itself littered with ruins, giant fossils and other scenery hinting at its previously submerged status. Asmodian players start at the Dragonrest Temple (top-right) at level 56 and steadily work their way through the map until they eventually reach Shriekfang Crown (level 75). On their journey players will encounter the Tehji tribe, the native inhabitants of Enshar, and may seek them out for assistance and quests that detail the history of the land. This proves a benefit that the Elyos lack, as there are no friendly native species occupying Cygnea.

Enshar has no neutral zones and is occasionally subject to Elyos incursions. There are three outposts which can be reached via flight transport from the starting base, and each of these outposts provide an additional teleport to the nearest Territory Village. Along the roads players will find several heavily-fortified gates and outposts that offer some protection and prevent the Elyos from freely traversing the map, although some of these outposts can easily be circumvented.

As part of the Pandora Development Agency feature, Cloudtalon Valley, Wavehollow Brink and Leviathan's Ruin are blocked off and only become accessible through the rifts which spawn when the event takes place.


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