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Enraged Kysis Prince

Enraged Kysis Duke is the guardian of the treasures in Kysis Barracks.

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The Enraged Kysis Duke is a mostly easy and straightforward fight. Using mostly Macro type 1 <Demolish>, Macro type 1 <Flying Blade>, Macro type 1 <Cut>, Spiralarrow (NPC) <Slash> and Stun altered state <Searing Scream>. Later on the battle, he will also make use of Stealth Detection <Prime Target> (silencing, binding and reducing movement speed of a target) and following it with Macro type 1 <Punishing Blow>, a powerful attack which will deal damage on those around the original target. The person affected by Stealth Detection <Prime Target> will not suffer damage, but must move away from the rest of the group.

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