Every night, Eninte turns into a Banshee and attacks people. Help Eninte return to the flow of Aether so that her spirit might rest.

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Talk with <Thersites> and receive this quest. Travel to Altamia Ridge and kill Eninte. Eninte is in Human form during the day and is only attackable at night (after 10pm game time) when she is in Banshee form. Kill Eninte and return to Thersites to obtain your reward.

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"Forgive me for snapping, Daeva. It's just...
I first met Eninte when I was stationed in Verteron. It was a difficult time, and while I did love her, she became difficult as times grew grim.
I could scarcely leave her side, it seemed. It grew to wear on me, I must admit...and I just needed some time to myself."
1 "Go on...."
"Eninte grew desperate to have me back. She went to see some dreadful Shugo merchant and bought what she thought was a love potion.
The potion, however, was no more an elixir of love than you or I are Asmodian. The instant it passed into her body, she began a terrible transformation from a beautiful woman to a hideous creature, body and mind.
She would fly into fits of rage. The Guardians were called to deal with her, and...they did."
1 "They killed her?"
"Yes. Yet, you show up with her necklace. It's as I feared, then--she hasn't yet returned to the Aether.
When you saw her, she must have been in her Human form. If she truly is a Banshee, though, you will know by visiting her after dark.
Please, I can't face her after all this time. Won't you go and put her to rest?"

Accept Edit

"Thank you. This act is not of violence. Rather, it is one of kindness.
Remember, if she truly is a Banshee, you will only know after dark."
X "On my way."

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"Of course, I cannot make you do this.
Yet...the thought of her imprisoned in that form fills my chest with ice. I loved her once, and I wish I could do something for her now.
Are you sure you can't help? She has suffered enough."
X "I'll think about it."

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"Did you bring peace to Eninte? I have thought of little else since you left.
Please, tell me what happened."
1 "Eninte sleeps."
"Thank you, my friend.
You have done a great service."

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According to Thersites, Eninte drank a strange potion, hoping that it would make him fall in love with her again. After drinking it, she became hideous and savage, and ultimately had to be killed by the Guardians.

He asked you to help her find peace, and you sent her back into the flow of the Aether by defeating her in her Banshee form.

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