Enhanced Magic Sphere
Magic Sphere
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 5m
Tango duration 15s
Class Minion
Level 10
Type Healing
Target Self
Enhanced Magic Sphere
lvl 1 - 9
Instantly recovers 1220 HP and then recovers 1200 HP every 2s for 15s.
Cast Time
Cast Instantly

Enhanced Magic Sphere is a Minion skill available when Abija (icon) <Abija> (Stage 2) is summoned. Recovers 1,220 HP and heals for 1,200 HP for 15 seconds.

History Edit

Patch 5.5 Edit

Inflicts 1020 magical damage to a target within 25m.

Inflicts less damage if the target is a player.

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