Engulfed Ophidan Bridge, also known as Jormungand Marching Route, is a battleground instance for groups conformed of 6 players from both factions between level 61 and 75. Introduced in 4.5, this battleground would act as a "capture the base" challenge, whether it was from the Balaur or the opposing faction.

This instance shares a similar background landscape to the PvE-version, Ophidan Bridge. For Archdaevas, there is a separate version of the instance called Ophidan Warpath.

Background Edit

In case the attack on The Eternal Bastion failed, Beritra established an attack route into Katalam. As the plan came into action, to the Balaur's surprise, Daevas were able to ward off their attempts.

Captain Avran, the squad leader charged to lead the assault and related efforts in the warpath, was ashamed for her failure. Fueled by her rage, she is fully committed to recapture the settlement. However, all forces arrived at the same time, filling the air with the scent of incoming battle.

Walkthough Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • After its release, the instance remained capped for players between level 61 and 65 until 5.0, where is was expanded for players up to level 75. This was however reverted back to its original cap in 5.1. As such, a level 66 to 75 version was introduced; Ophidan Warpath.
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