Order: The Lepharist Revolutionaries are camped around Altgard Ice Lake. Get rid of them.

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The Lepharist Revolutionaries that you need to kill in order to complete this quest are in the very northwest or northeast part of Altgard ice Lake on a little piece of land sticking out from the mountains. Kill four and return to Meiyer.


Initial DialogueEdit

"At ease, [Player Name].
Prepare yourself: we're sending you beyond the fortress walls on a mission.
The Lepharist Revolutionaries are camped outside the Fortress--have been for days.
We don't know much about them. They seem to be violent insurgents who are trying to incite a general revolt against the Shedim Lords and seize Pandaemonium. Yeah, I know how ridiculous that sounds."
1 "Are they really a threat?"
"We don't know what they're capable of--whether they're just weak-minded rabble or there's something more to their "revolution."
But we do know this: They are at the Altgard Ice Lake, just beyond the fortress walls.
They're probably watching who's coming and going. And you're going to teach them the perils of curiosity."
1 "The task is mine."
"Good. Let's show these scoundrels that the unified strength of Asmodae has no room for their "revolution." Head north form here and attack their camps on the shores of Altgard Ice Lake.
If you kill four or more Lepharist Revolutionaries, that'll probably teach the others a lesson. And it's all right if some survive to tell their "rebel leaders" that Altgard Fortress stands loyal to the Shedim Lords!"
1 "Down with the rebels!"

Reward DialogueEdit

"Azphel and the Shedim Lords guided us safely through the chaos of the Cataclysm, and those Lepharist idiots want someone else to lead Asmodae? They've been out in the sun too long.
But I don't want them spying on us, and I don't want their propaganda poisoning the troops here.
But did you set their revolution back a few steps?"
1 "Indeed I did."
"Blood for blood, [Player Name].
I'm sure you got their attention. Soon they'll scurry away and their whole "revolution" will fade from memory.
I will call on you again if we have any more trouble."


Meiyer asked you to teach a lesson to the Lepharist Revolutionaries who have encroached upon the Ice Lake outside of Altgard Fortress.

You defeated the Lepharist Revolutionaries as requested and reported your success.

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