Enchantment Stones are special consumables used for enchanting an item. Whether the enchantment fails or succeeds, the stone is consumed upon the attempt.

Mechanics Edit

Extraction window

Enchantment Extraction window

General Edit

There are two types of enchantment stones; PvE and PvP stones. They can only be used on their respective type of gear, boosting respective stats. There are three tiers of stones, varying in chances of successful enchanting and acquisition. It is possible to use different grades of stones on different grades of gear, affecting the chances accordingly.

PvE Stones
PvP Stones

Extraction Edit

Extraction no longer rewards enchantment stones or anything related to it. Instead, it rewards Manastone Fastener <Manastone Fasteners>, required to unlock Manastone slots. Level 80 PvP equipment will also reward Fighting Spirit Fragment <Fighting Spirit Fragments> when extracted.

Discontinued Stones Edit

This system has been drastically changed more than once to simplify it. While the core in it remains identical, the stones have been changed.

Level-based Stones Edit

Main article: Enchantment#Discontinued Systems

The original enchantment stones come in varying levels, from Red enchantment stone <L1 Enchantment Stones> to Black enchantment stone <L130 Enchantment Stones>. The higher their level, the the better the chance of successfully enchanting a piece.

This system was however simplified after 4.7, grouping the similar level stones together, creating the Letter-based system.

Letter-based Stones Edit

Introduced in 4.7, this system would replace the level-based by taking them and grouping them within six groups, each group represented by a single enchant stone. The order and names would follow the Greek alphabet. from Alpha to Epsilon, followed by Omega. This system was later replaced by the one active throughout 5.0.

Stone Suggested Levels
Yellow enchantment stone <Alpha Enchantment Stone> Level 20 Superior L1-29
White enchantment stone <Beta Enchantment Stone> Level 40 Heroic L30-59
Blue enchantment stone <Gamma Enchantment Stone> Level 55 Fabled L60-84
Green enchantment stone <Delta Enchantment Stone> Level 60 Eternal L85-104
Purple enchantment stone <Epsilon Enchantment Stone> Level 65 Mythic L105
Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stone>* After Amplification -

*Still available afterwards, but was added along with this system.

General Stones Edit

Extracting items would give Enchantment Stone Dust <Enchantment Stone Dust>. By combining 1,000 units of this dust, players would receive an Enchantment Stone (item) <Enchantment StoneEnchantment Stone (item)>, or a Shining Enchantment Stone <Shining Enchantment Stone> with enough luck. The amount of dust is determined by the grade and rarity of the item. Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stones> would remain as the better stones to use to enchant however. They were restricted to instance drops and special events and sources.

Lower level gear would offer around 20-40 dust, and more than 100 in lucky cases. As the gear increases in level, the amount of dust is increased, sometimes reaching 2,000 pieces of dust. The amount was also slightly affected by the enchantment level of the item in question. Extracting Archdaeva Gear would reward the player with either 22px Ancient Crafting Stones, 22px Chronos Stones or 22px Eternity Stones, materials required to craft most Archdaeva recipes.

This system was removed after 6.0. Old gear was made not possible to be extracted. Players in possession of Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stones> and Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stone <Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stones> were allowed to trade them in for Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone <Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones> or Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone <Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones>.

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