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Equipment Modification (6.0)

Enchanting, or colloquially called "+ing", refers to improving the attributes of weapons and armor. This is done by using an Enchantment Stone.

In order to use it, the player must Double Left Click/Right Click the enchantment stone and then select the piece of equipment they wish to enhance, causing the Gear Modification window to appear.

By pressing the "Enchant" button, they may begin their attempt at enchanting. Doing so will make the progress bar light up in the bottom, serving as a confirmation timer (if the player wishes it to stop, they may press the "Cancel" button). This is then followed up by either a success or a failure message with the appropriate animation.

Mechanics Edit

Enchanting boosts an item's PvE or PvP stats. That is solely dependant on the gear's type. Enchanting PvE gear will add PvE Attack and PvE Defense. Likewise, enchanting PvP gear will add PvP Attack and PvP Defense. An item can be enchanted up to level +15, after which point it cannot be enchanted any further. All type of gear pieces can be enchanted; from weapons and armour to wings and plumes and bracelets.

Upon enchanting, it will either result in a success or failure. Success will lead to increasing the item's enchantment level by one level or more (called critical success). Failure will lead to decreasing the item's enchantment level by one. The only exception to this is using Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone <Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone> or Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone <Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone>, in which case, upon failure, the level will not be reduced at all.

Success rates are determined by the grade of the item. The only way to increase the odds is using greater tier of enchantment stones. Likewise, acquisition of higher tier stones becomes more difficult the greater tier it is. The most optimal strategy for enchanting an item is to use the cheapest stones until the odds of failure are too high.

The general strategy is:

Bonuses Edit

Bonus stats, stats gained form enchanting an item, are displayed next to the base stats between parenthesis. While armor and accessories only give additional PvE/PvP attack and defense, other pieces of gear boost different stats with enough enchant levels.

Old Enchanting System Edit

The following information applies to gear previous to the 6.0 update, therefore outdated for the current version of the game. For updated information, see the sections above.

Level 1-65 Gear Edit

Enchanting window 1

Enchantment window (5.0)

If the player fails to enchant an item, it loses one enchantment level. For example, if the item is +4 and the attempt is unsuccessful, it will go back to +3. This does not apply to the range between +11 and +15, as failing to enchant will drop the item back to +10 (not applicable if the player uses an Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stone>).

Archdaeva Gear Edit

Enchanting Archdaeva Gear, if the enchantment fails, the item is destroyed completely, with a chance of giving the player back the manastones and godstone socketed, as well as crafting materials. Due to this, gear has a much higher chance to succeed in enchantment.

Success/Failure Edit

While based on luck, the player may improve their chances in certain ways. It is worth to notice however, enchanting is only assured if the players makes use of a Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stone> and Greater Supplements (Mythic) <Greater Supplements (Mythic)>. In all other cases, reaching the 100% rate is impossible. Regardless, the player may use of certain strategies to make the odds better.

Such methods include:

  • Making use of rarer stones than the Enchantment Stone (item) <Enchantment StoneEnchantment Stone (item)>.
  • Using Supplements. Depending on the tier of the supplements employed, different values will be added. Lesser Supplements will grant an additional 5% of success, Regular ones 10% and Greater ones 15%.
  • If the player does not have enough Supplements, kinah can be used instead. However, the price scales up rather fast.

Regular enchanting success rate is nonetheless limited to 80% without the use of Supplements, and between +10 and +15 it is limited to 50%. Making use of them allows players to pass that set limit.

Maximum Level Edit

While there is no actual limit when enchanting, it progressively becomes more and more challenging as the level rises, in a way that odds become lower. However, every equipment has its own "maximum enchantment level", which is then automatically passed when it is reached.

In lower levels, this limit is set by the grade of the item. For Common, Superior and Heroic grade gear, it is 10. And, generally, for Fabled, Eternal and Mythic items, it is 15. This is sometimes however dismissed for certain level 65 equipment and gear which requires tuning. From there on, the item follows the Amplification rules.

Amplification Edit

As of 4.7, upon reaching the item's limit, the item is automatically amplified, which means the maximum enchant level limit is dismissed. While players may still enchant further than this, it may only be attempted with Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stones>. Failing to enchant the item causes it to return back to its maximum level, instead of dropping one level down. Even if the item fails on its first attempt after amplification, it will not be reduced further (for instance, if the item fails to be enchanted from +15 to +16, it will not go back to +14). This does not apply to Archdaeva equipment, as failed enchantment, even after amplification, will destroy the item.

Benefits of enchanting past amplification include a higher amount of values given to the item per enchant level and, if enchanted to +20 (regardless of the item's enchant level limit), a skill, only used when the player has the enchanted piece equipped. Additionally, other than the skill, the item gains one additional use of wrapping.

Skills available vary greatly, from special shields, DP, HP and MP recovery, to attacks and altered states. The nature of skill depends on what type of gear is being enchanted.

  • Armor: Passive skills. Whenever the target is attacked, there is a chance for the attacking enemy to receive the damaging effect of the skill.
  • Weapon/Shield/Wings: Active skills. The player may choose whether to activate the skill or not.
    40e enchanting graph

    Enchanting 40 level fabled gear

Enchantment Stones Edit

The original enchantment system would depend on stones coming in varying levels, from Red enchantment stone <L1 Enchantment Stones> to Black enchantment stone <L130 Enchantment Stones>. The higher their level, the the better the chance of successfully enchanting a piece. However, due to the 80% chance limitation, using high level stones may sometimes prove to be a waste of resources.

To determine what level is most appropriate to reach the 80% chance and not exceed the said cap, it should be accounted three factors:

  • Current enchantment level of the item
  • Grade of the item
  • Level of the item

The sum of the level and enchantment level will give the player a number. If we take as an example an item of level 60 which has been enchanted to +7, the sum will be 67. Then, the player takes in account the grade. Eternal equipment will require 40 levels to reach the cap, while Mythic items require 50. As such, taking that the example item as an eternal, consider adding up 67 to 40, making it 107; therefore making the Purple enchantment stone <L107 Enchantment Stone> the most optimal.

This system was however simplified after 4.7, grouping the similar level stones together, creating the Letter-based system. Regardless, both discontinued set of stones were not fully removed. While not obtainable, other than from other players, they may still be used.

Trivia Edit

  • When amplification was introduced, Amplification Tools <Amplification Tools> and Amplification Stone <Amplification Stones> (or alternatively a second weapon exactly like the one being amplified) were required, however this was removed shortly after, making it automatically unlocked.
  • Additional bonuses like Attack and Magic Boost were added to armour in 4.9.
  • Enchanting to +20 six pieces and equipping them will grant its wearer the ability to use Glory: Empyrean Aegis. This skill it reduces all the damage inflicted on the caster and group members within a certain distance of it.
  • Like socketing manastones, enchanting a tuned item will remove any retuning attempts remaining.
  • The Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stone <Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stone> works the same way as an Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stone> in terms of rates, however, it offers a higher chance for critical success than its regular version.

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