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An emote is a form of expression, allowing characters to express their emotions or other visual actions in the game. Emotes generally are used for communication with other players and have no effect on NPCs or game play itself.

Emotes are generally activated by a "slash command", that is - a text command beginning with the slash (/) key. Emotes can also be activated using the in-game menus. A text description of the action is also available to those near the character performing the emote. Additionally, the text is modified depending on the target that is selected to indicate who the action is intended for. For example typing /smile with a character named Bob selected will say, "You smile at Bob" in the chat box.

As well as slash commands,certain words used in chat can trigger emotes. For example typing "No" in chat will produce the /disagree emote.

Emotes can be seen by both Asmodians and Elyos.

List of Emotes Edit

Icon Name Command Triggers Description
Emote disco Aion Boogie /Aionboogie Boogie, Aion Boogie <Player> dances disco to the beat.
<Player> boogies with <Target>.
Emote angry Anger /Angry Angry, Anger, Rage, mad, Darn, Wrath, /mad, /rage <Player> is enraged!
<Player> rages at <Target>.
Emote plead Beg /Beg Plead, Beg, please, ask <Player> pleads for forgiveness.
<Player> pleads with <Target>.
Emote cash celebrate 01 Birthday Celebration /Birthday Birthday, Celebration, celebrate, cake, /cake <Player> celebrates! Woohoo!
<Player> wishes <Target> a happy birthday.
Emote blush Blush /Blush Blush, Embarrassed, Bashful, Embarrass <Player> blushes shyly.
<Player> blushes shyly at <Target>.
Emote boo Boo /Boo Boo <Player> boos.
<Player> puts down <Target>.
Emote charge Charge /Charge Charge <Player> issues a command to charge!
<Player> commands a charge at <Target>.
Emote talk Chat /Talk talk, speak, chatter <Player> talks to anyone who will listen.
<Player> talks to <Target>.
Emote comfort Cheer /Cheer Cheer, Encourage, Urge, Go for it <Player> cheers.
<Player> cheers <Target> on.
Emote clap Clap /clap Applause, clap, golfclap, approve, applaud, /applaud, /golfclap <Player> claps.
<Player> claps for <Target>.
Emote pat Console /Console Console, comfort, Don't worry, Cheer up, hug, hugs, Consolation, /hug, /comfort <Player> comforts everyone.
<Player> comforts <Target>.
Emote dance Dance /Dance Dance, waltz, Wiggle <Player> dances joyfully.
<Player> dances with <Target>.
Emote dislike Decline /Refuse Never, Reject, Turn down, Refuse, Pass <Player> waves a hand in disgust.
<Player> rejects <Target> completely.
Emote no Disagree /Disagree Disagree, No, Nope, Nah, Nay, Wrong, No way, Shakes head, Deny, Not, /no <Player> waves emphatically and says it isn't so.
<Player> disagrees with <Target>.
Emote drink Drink /Drink Drink, quaff, gulp, beverage, water, thirst, thirsty, /thirsty <Player> has a refreshing drink.
<Player> drinks to <Target>'s health.
Emote eat Eat /Eat Eat, Food, ate, Yummy, Yum, hungry, Pizza, Pie, Ice cream, /hungry <Player> eats ravenously.
<Player> eats ravenously with <Target>.
Emote panic Fear /Fear Fear <Player> trembles in fear.
<Player> is afraid of <Target>.
Emote sexywave Flirt /flirt SexyWave, Sexy, seduce, seduction, /sexy <Player> dances seductively.
<Player> dances seductively with <Target>.
Emote cash propose 01 Flowers /Flowers Flower, flowers, propose <Player> offers flowers to everyone.
<Player> offers flowers to <Target>.
Emote latindance Forbidden Dance /ForbiddenDance ForbiddenDance, /Forbidden <Player> dances passionately.
<Player> dances passionately with <Target>.
Emote otl Groan /Groan Sigh, Hopeless, Despair, Disappoint, misery, miserable, frustrated, rolls eyes, /sigh, /rollseyes <Player> falls to the ground in despair.
<Player> groans at <Target>.
Emote cash propose 03 Heart /Heart Hearts, heart, love, /hearts, /love <Player> loves everyone.
<Player> loves <Target>.
Emote hiphop Hip-hop /Hiphop Hiphop, Hip-hop <Player> dances joyfully.
<Player> dances with <Target>.
Emote cash kiss 01 Kiss /Kiss Kisses, Peck <Player> puckers up.
<Player> kisses <Target>.
Emote kneel Kneel /Kneel Kneel, Worship, Fealty, Respect <Player> kneels respectfully.
<Player> kneels before <Target>.
Emote laugh Laugh /Laugh Laugh, Haha, Hahaha, Hoho, Hohoho, hehe, giggle, lol, rofl, roflmao, heh, Heehee, /lol, /rofl, /giggle <Player> laughs uproariously.
<Player> laughs at <Target>.
Emote yes Nod /Nod Affirmation, Yes, Yeah, True, Right, Nod, Okay, OK, Affirm, kk, yep, /yes, /ok <Player> nods.
<Player> nods at <Target>.
Emote point Point /Point Point, Over there, Finger, That way, /there <Player> points.
<Player> points at <Target>.
Emote popdance Pop Legend /PopLegend KingofPop, PopDance, rhythm, /Pop <Player> dances to the rhythm.
<Player> dances rhythmically with <Target>.
Emote pray Pray /Pray Pray, Pray <Player> prays for Aion's guidance.
<Player> prays for <Target>.
Emote sad Sad /Sad Sad, Cry, Boohoo, Sob, Weep, cries, /cry <Player> weeps big, salty tears.
<Player> looks at <Target> and cries pitifully.
Emote salute Salute /Salute Salute <Player> salutes.
<Player> salutes <Target>.
Emote cash propose 02 Shy Proposal /ShyProposal ShyProposal, shy, /shy <Player> proposes shyly.
<Player> shyly offers flowers to <Target>.
Emote chair Sit /Sit Sitonchair, Chair, Sit <Player> creates a comfortable place to sit.
<Player> sits with <Target>.
Emote slap Slap /Slap Slap, Cheek, slaps <Player> slaps at the air.
<Player> slaps <Target>'s cheek.
Emote sleep Sleep /Sleep Sleep, Snore, Nap, zzz, sleep <Player> whips up a cloud and drifts off to sleep.
<Player> sleeps peacefully in spite of <Target>.
Emote smile Smile /Smile Smile <Player> smiles sweetly.
<Player> smiles at <Target>.
Emote sorry Sorry /Sorry Sorry <Player> makes a sad face. Sorry!
<Player> apologizes to <Target>.
Emote surprise Surprise /Surprise Surprise, Shock, Ooh, Oh, Inconceivable <Player> looks surprised.
<Player> is surprised by <Target>.
Emote taunt Taunt /Taunt Provoke, Come on, Taunt, Bring it on, dare, /dare <Player> jeers and invites all challengers.
<Player> taunts <Target> to attack.
Emote thanks Thank /Thank TY, Thank, Thanks, tyvm, /ty, /Thanks <Player> thanks everyone.
<Player> thanks <Target>.
Emote think Think /Think Think <Player> is deep in thought.
<Player> thinks about <Target>.
Emote cash toast 01 Toast /Toast Toast <Player> proposes a toast.
<Player> toasts <Target>'s success.
Emote tribute Tribute /Tribute Tribute, Tribute <Player> offers a silent prayer.
<Player> pays silent tribute to <Target>.
Emote victory Victory /Victory Victory, I won, win, ftw, FTW, /ftw <Player> celebrates victory.
<Player> celebrates a victory over <Target>.
Emote ready Warmup /Warmup Warm-up, Warmup, Prepare, Stretch, /stretch <Player> is warming up.
<Player> warms up with <Target>.
Emote wave Wave /Wave Hi, Wave, Hello, Greet, Goodbye, Bye bye, See you, Farewell, Bye, Laters, Laterz, /hi, /hello, /bye <Player> waves a hand in greeting.
<Player> waves at <Target>.
Emote wing Wings /Wings Boast, wings, Show off, /Boast <Player> displays a beautiful pair of wings.
<Player> shows off a spectacular pair of wings to <Target>.
New 2.0 emotes
Icon Name Command Triggers Description
40px Hurray /Hurray   <Player> shouts hurray.
<Player> shouts hurray to <Target>.
40px Push-up /PushUp   <Player> is doing pushups.
<Player> does push-ups in front of <Target>.
40px Look at the Mirror /LookMirror   <Player> looks at a mirror.
<Player> looks at <Target> in the mirror.[1]
40px Play Guitar /Guitar   <Player> plays a guitar.
<Player> plays a guitar for <Target>.
40px Play Violin /Violin   <Player> plays a violin.
<Player> plays a violin for <Target>.
40px Snuggle Pet /SnugglePet   <Player> snuggles <Target>.[2]
40px Trust Me /TrustMe   <Player> says trust me.
<Player> asks to be trusted by <Target>.
1/LookMirror's emote when someone is targeted says you are looking at them in the mirror, yet it is the same emote of you looking at yourself.
2/SnugglePet only triggers if you have a pet selected.

Learning new emotes Edit

A character starts with the default set of emotes, but can learn more later on.

A selection of emotes can be found at the preceptors in each capital: <Seriphim> (Pandaemonium) and <Andreas> (Sanctum).

Item Level Cost
Emote book Birthday Celebration 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Flowers 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Heart 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Kiss 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Pray 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Shy Proposal 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Toast 1 10,000 Kinah icon
Emote book Tribute 1 10,000 Kinah icon
*Note: Prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

Some emotes, such as Veteran Rewards, are learned through cards.

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