Eltnen's Fall
Eltnen's Fall
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Eltnen's Fall describes the devastastion wrought by the Balaur General Sataloca.

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Eltnen's Fall
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Long, long ago when the two continents were one, Eltnen was a paradise, its every corner verdant: bountiful fruit trees, crystal-clear springs and ever-abundant crops. All gone, corrupted when the Balaur brought war to Eltnen.

During the Millennium War, Humans and Daevas fought the Balaur for defying Aion's will. Aion, in return, made the Aetheric Field to protect and nourish all of Atreia.

Eltnen is on the outskirts of the Aetheric Field, relatively far from Aion. It was a regular target for Balaur seeking gaps in the Field.
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