Electro Bolts
Electro Bolts
Tango mana 75
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 5s
Classes All
Level 75
Type Offensive
Target Selected target
Range 6m
Electro Bolts
lvl 1 - 9
Deals 1100 magic wind damage to enemies within 6m and reduces Fierce Gale’s cooldown by 3 seconds. If the target is shocked or its movement speed is reduced, it receives an additional 800 magic wind damage.
Selected Target
Cast Time
Cast Instantly
Usage Cost
MP 75

Electro Bolts is one of the available skills when the Avatar of Wind <Avatar of Wind> transformation is active. Deals damage on a target. Inflicts additional damage if the enemy is under a reduced movement speed or shocked state.

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