A player with earrings equipped.

Earrings are equipment accessory which can be used by all classes. They can be seen visibly on your character, providing they are not covered by hair or a head item. Earrings have Magic Resist as a base value, and then may add additional attributes. Depending on your class, adding certain earrings can increase desired attributes. For example, Physical Crit can be added for a Ranger, or Magic Boost for a Sorcerer by choosing an earring with the desired stats. Some earrings can be remodeled, but cannot be enchanted. Earrings can be obtained as drops, quest rewards, created by handicrafting or purchased from a Broker.

Rarity Edit

White Earring type 1 White Earring type 2 Common (White) These are the most commonly dropped item.
Green Earring type 1 Green Earring type 2 Superior (Green) These are still frequently dropped by NPCs. They typically have higher attributes and bonuses. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP, which grant players PvP attack bonuses.
Blue Earring type 1 Blue Earring type 2 Heroic (Blue) These items are hard to find and have even more increased attributes. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP and <Silver Medals>. They have higher PvP attack bonuses.
Gold Earring type 1 Gold Earring type 2 Fabled (Gold) These items are very rare drops. They are quite expensive from Contribution vendors requiring lots of AP and <Gold Medals>. However, they have a very high PvP attack.
Orange Earring type 1 Eternal (Orange) These items are the rarest and can only drop from rare world bosses or instance bosses. Eternal items can also be crafted by master crafters.

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