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Disambig icon.pngThis article is about general information on dyes and their uses. For information on the item, see Dye.

Dyes allow you to change the color of your hair, skin-color, or equipment in Aion.

Dyes are available from merchants, gathering and as rewards. Asmodae and Elysea have different dye colors from gathering petals in their homeland. If you're looking for a dye color that's not available in your homeland, you're going to have to rift into enemy territory.


You can dye most armor and weapons as long as the item doesn't specify 'Cannot be dyed' in its tooltip. Weapons, accessories, and items that have animations (i.e., <Sipus's Shield>), cannot be dyed.

To dye an item, right click or double click the dye or petal then click on the item you wish to dye. Your cursor will change into an eyedropper. Dye usually will not dye evenly. Most armor and weapons have highlights that will not be dyed.

Vendor Dyes[]

These dyes are readily available from <Kinot> in Pandaemonium, or <Jooma> in Sanctum. They can also be earned as a quest rewards from Tango quest icon.png <D'yer Ma'ker> [22] or Tango quest icon.png <Just Dye, Already> [22].

  • Adhesive.gif <Dye Remover> - This is used to restore a dyed item back to its original color.

Special Dyes[]

These dyes are only available through special promotions or limited-time events and cannot be purchased in-game.


Petals work just like dyes but aren't as readily available. Petals must be harvested off fruit trees and berry bushes and only have a 2% chance to harvest. Some colors are unique to one race. If you find that you covet a specific color from the opposing race, you'll have to find a rift to attempt to harvest them! While you can't make any use of the gathered fruits in enemy territory, you can use the petals for your own or sell them for a good price on the broker.

The following is a list of all petals available in-game as well as the plant to harvest it from:

Plant Extract Skill Color Region Location
Vinna Petal.gif Vinna Petal 135 Ultramarine Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Morheim
Kirka Petal.gif Kirka Petal 180 Lavender Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Morheim
Brommel Petal.gif Brommel Petal 240 Gold Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Morheim, Beluslan
Pressa Petal.gif Pressa Petal 275 Orange Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Morheim, Beluslan, Brusthonin
Merone Petal.gif Merone Petal 325 Pale green Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Beluslan
Kukar Petal.gif Kukar Petal 355 Light yellow Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Beluslan, Brusthonin
Leopis Petal.gif Leopis Petal 390 Turquoise Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian Beluslan, Brusthonin
Wiki Petal.gif Wiki Petal 110 Lime Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Eltnen
Omblic Petal.gif Omblic Petal 165 Coral red Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Eltnen
Meon Petal.gif Meon Petal 220 Yellow-green Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Eltnen
Ormea Petal.gif Ormea Petal 260 Amber Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Heiron
Tange Petal.gif Tange Petal 325 Violet Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Heiron, Theobomos
Ervio Petal.gif Ervio Petal 355 Sea blue Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Heiron, Theobomos
Lunime Petal.gif Lunime Petal 385 Gold Elyos Logo small.png Elyos Heiron, Theobomos

Petal Color Previews[]

Hair Dye[]

Sold by Tigares (Elyos only)
  • Hair Dye Cream.gif Hair Dye: Cream
  • Hair Dye Dark Pink.gif Hair Dye: Dark Pink
  • Hair Dye Dusty Pink.gif Hair Dye: Dusty Pink
  • Hair Dye Indigo.gif Hair Dye: Indigo
  • Hair Dye Light Yellow.gif Hair Dye: Light Yellow
  • Hair Dye Maroon.gif Hair Dye: Maroon
  • Hair Dye Mauve.gif Hair Dye: Mauve
  • Hair Dye Violet.gif Hair Dye: Violet
  • Hair Dye Pale Green.gif Hair Dye: Pale Green
Sold by Sjalfi (Asmodian only)
  • Hair Dye Black Violet.gif Hair Dye: Black Violet
  • Hair Dye Blond.gif Hair Dye: Blond
  • Hair Dye Dusky Indigo.gif Hair Dye: Dusky Indigo
  • Hair Dye Dusky Maroon.gif Hair Dye: Dusky Maroon
  • Hair Dye Dusky Violet.gif Hair Dye: Dusky Violet
  • Hair Dye Pale Blond.gif Hair Dye: Pale Blond
  • Hair Dye Pink.gif Hair Dye: Pink
  • Hair Dye True Violet.gif Hair Dye: True Violet
  • Hair Dye Yellow.gif Hair Dye: Yellow
Sold by Tigares and Sjalfi (both factions)
  • Hair Dye Black.gif Hair Dye: Black
  • Hair Dye Brown.gif Hair Dye: Brown
  • Hair Dye Copper.gif Hair Dye: Copper
  • Hair Dye Gray.gif Hair Dye: Gray
  • Hair Dye Hazy Blue.gif Hair Dye: Hazy Blue
  • Hair Dye Lilac.gif Hair Dye: Lilac
  • Hair Dye Olive Green.gif Hair Dye: Olive Green
  • Hair Dye White.gif Hair Dye: White
  • Hair Dye Silver.gif Hair Dye: Silver