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Ardenia has been having nightmares, and asked you to return to Kromede's Trial to free the dungeon prisoners from their suffering.

Quest Information[]


  • Go inside Kromede's Trial and finish the Dungeon Prisoners that haunt Ardenia's dreams. (0/8)
  • Talk to Ardenia.

Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]


After getting the quest, enter Kromede's Trial by talking to Raninia. Work through the instance to Kaliga Dungeons. To the right side are prison cells with the prisoners. Kill 8. After exiting the instance, talk to Ardenia to collect the rewards.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Pardon me for bothering you, [Player Name], but I overhead you and Raninia talking.
That dream you had about Kromede and <Robstin>....
(Whispering) I've been having the same dream."
1.png "How long ago did it start?"
"It started when...right after I bought a fake Stigma from Herthia.
I know that was stupid, but I couldn't afford a real one.
Whatever this dream is, it's killing me...I haven't slept in so long, [Player Name]."
1.png "Can I see the fake Stigma?"
"Ohhh, I threw it away some time back. Right after the nightmares started. I thought it would make them go away, but they've only gotten worse.
Raninia said it's because my soul is too susceptible to influence...she told me I'd have to enter the nightmare to end it. But I'm so scared....
That's when I overheard you talking, [Player Name]. You've already been inside Kromede's Trial, right? Would you go back in for me...get rid of this ethereal connection that binds me to their sorrow?"


"Thank you, [Player Name]! Thank you so much.
I can't shake the cries that come from the dungeon there...the prisoners are being tortured...torn to pieces.
Please, free the souls of the Prisoner. End their sorrow once and for all."
X.png "I'll return to the nightmare."


"I...I understand, [Player Name].
I don't mean to burden you with my problems. I'm just exhausted...I haven't slept in weeks.
Sorry to bother you."
X.png "I wish I could help."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Hmmm? Oh, [Player Name], sorry...I drifted off. I'm exhausted. I haven't slept right in so long.
Did you return to Kromede's Trial? Have the cries of the Prisoners been quelled? Can I...sleep peacefully now?"
1.png "Peace is yours once again."
"Oh! Oh...thank you so very much, [Player Name]! Thank you!
I have forgotten what it feels like to fall fall...asleep...."


Ardenia said she kept having a nightmare with Kromede and Robstin. She asked you to go back into your nightmare to kill the prisoners of the dungeon.

You got rid of the prisoners that had been bothering Ardenia, who almost cried when she heard the news.

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