A Drana Generator

Drana is a substance of great importance to the Balaur. Like Aether for Daevas, Drana acts like a source of power and life for the Balaur. It is abundantly present in Balaurea, but lacklustre in Elysea and Asmodae.

Uses Edit

The Balaur employ this substance in various ways. Most importantly, their bodies accept Drana as life support, but at the same time granting them either strong physical power or strong magical abilities, that way defining classes between soldiers. If the Balaur lack it, they weaken. To counter the low concentration of Drana in the areas they have invaded, like Dark Poeta, Bakarma Barracks in Beluslan, Indratu Barracks in Heiron and Draupnir Cave, they have designed Drana Generators to supply them with it as needed.

Unlike Aether, Drana cannot be used on machinery in its natural state. The Balaur refine it into several subproducts depending on their use. For example, Dragel, Drazma, Dratamin, etc. These components are still not only used as fuel, but also experimentation in laboratories, like in Dark Poeta, where creatures are mutated to create helpful minions to aid their invasion.

Although the main effect of Drana is negative on non-Balic lifeforms, Reians and Daevas in Balaurea have found a way to use this substance in their favour, by using them on certain war supplies, like bombs and other munition,

As of the events in 4.0, Balaur steer away from using Drana. Since their machines are based on Danuar origin, they now must change and start fuelling them with Ide.

Effects Edit

Although Drana positively affects Balaur, it holds an aggressive nature towards other lifeforms. It either weakens them, poisoning them, or mutates them into creatures which blindly follow Balaur orders. Plants tend to change their form, but continue to develop, proved with Elim who turn into Dragrints.

In some other cases, for creatures who have grown in presence of Drana, subproducts may cause positive development on them, strengthening them, like the case for Empress Muada and her tribe.

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