Drakenspire Depths map

Drakenspire Depths map

Drakenspire Depths, also known as Makarna, is an alliance instance for 12 players of level 65 introduced in 4.8. It can be accessed from Wailing Dunes in Cygnea for Elyos and Shriekfang Crown in Enshar for Asmodians. This ancient prison is Beritra's destination while looking for Ereshkigal's power.

In the 6.0 update, players can access this instance solo as part of the campaign quest. However, the 6-player instance returns as Infernal Drakenspire Depths in Lakrum for players above level 80.

Backstory Edit

Rivalry between Fregion and Ereshkigal has an unknown origin. It could be speculated it began with disagreements on the future of the Balaur empire, or maybe just their polar opposite elements. Whichever the reason, it eventually led to an event of such proportions that even to this day is remembered by the local sapien tribes of Enshar; a fierce battle between Fire and Ice. The older Dragon Lord won, and, as punishment, Ereshkigal was sealed inside a prison which even a Dragon Lord cannot escape from in the hottest depths of Balaurea. As a measure to conceal her location, Fregion commanded Tiamat to sink the two regions she owned (Cygnea and Enshar) and lock them under the sea.

Centuries passed until Ereshkigal's prison was located by Beritra. His thirst for power justified the means, even if it meant allying with her servant Orissan and sinking several Balaurean regions. After an extensive search, Beritra discovered Drakenspire Depths, the underground prison holding the sealed Dragon Lord. Despite his best efforts however, Daevas had managed to keep on Beritra's freshest trail and reached his destination just moments after him. The player, sent by their Empyrean Lord, meets the troops, alerting them of the situation. <Killios> (Elyos)/<Aimah> (Asmodians) are leading this mission.

The small group of soldiers pushes through the obstacles set by Beritra; mostly prison guards under Beritra's mind control. As they approach the deepest sections of the facility, Orissan blocks their way. Blessed by Ereshkigal's power, he has achieved a temporal state of immortality, allowing him to put up a great battle against Daevas. Despite that, he finally falls, but not before delivering a fatal blow on <Killios>/<Aimah>, leaving them greatly injured. Orissan's corpse lays on the ground, and suddenly a small shard surges from it, levitating into Agony's Well; Beritra's current location. While the rest of the squad must press on immediately, <Killios>/<Aimah> is forced to stay behind, but not before granting the player their personal weapon, giving them the task of finishing off the Dragon Lord of Darkness with it.

As Daevas reach the deepest dungeons, they spectate as the shard previously found in Orissan is revealed to be a fragment of special relics, containing Ereshkigal's powers. Eager as his plan was about to be completed, he began extracting the power of the relics. Daevas however engage in a fierce battle against the Dragon Lord of Darkness, not only fighting him, but racing against time to prevent him from accomplishing his desire. Just as the situation became dire, with a Dragon about to achieve his ultimate power, a faint light appears and imbues itself to the weapon given to the player by the Empyrean Lord's Agent, greatly powering it; enough to counter Beritra.

As the tides change against his favour, he attempts to speed up the extraction of the relics. This however proves to be a grave mistake, as his body is unable to properly harness Ereshkigal's power. As a result, the process stops, and Beritra is forced to flee the scene, leaving behind his hand. The threat of Beritra is fortunately prevented. While these are good news for Daevas, <Killios>/<Aimah> is revealed to have died due to his/her injuries. Their power however can be sensed from their weapon, revealing that faint light during the fight was the Agent's essence.

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