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Drakenseer's Lair map

Drakenseer's Lair map

Drakenseer's Lair, also known as Arkhal's Hidden Space, is a 3-player group instance for players of level 69 and above introduced in 5.0. It can be accessed from Zephyr Vale Scout Post in Iluma for Elyos and Aetherspring Lake Scout Post in Norsvold for Asmodians. This underground cave holds an artifact, greatly desired by the Balaur.

Backstory Edit

Ever since Beritra’s bittersweet success in Drakenspire Depths, his presence had drastically shrunk. As the Aetheric Field weakens in Atreia, he sees a chance for his army to be benefited. As a result, he assigned his oracle and advisor, <Akhal the Oracle>, to investigate the newly rediscovered areas in the bases of the Tower of Eternity.

His plan soon flourished, as Akhal had discovered a fragment of the Tower, a powerful artifact with great potential. By intercepting it, Akhal transported it to his lair in order to fully examine its capabilities. Aware of the artifact's location, Elyos and Asmodians were tasked to retrieve it from Akhal. Not only because it could potentially become a weapon against them, but also the fragment possibly having clues as to how to restore the Aetheric Field.

Walkthrough Edit

This short instance is a wide circular platform, with monsters of level 72 on it. In the centre, players will later find <Akhal the Oracle>, the main and only boss in the instance. To spawn the crystals required to summon him, the group must destroy the three <Shielding Conduit> (generators). Players will zone in on top of a floating platform above the main one. If they die inside the instance, they will be teleported here.

Generator Portal

Balaur Reinforcements arriving

Shield disabling Edit

As the group jumps off the platform, a 10 minutes countdown will begin. During these, the party must take down the three <Shielding Conduit>. If failed, Frozen Shock I <Tempest Blast> will stun all players and send them back to the platform, resetting the whole instance.

Each <Shielding Conduit> is guarded by three guards; <Shieldtender Mage>, <Shieldtender Shadowwalker> and <Shieldtender Guardian>. When attacked, the generators will summon additional monsters. The wave of monsters is determined by the percentage of HP in the <Shielding Conduit>. All three of them follow the same pattern. Whenever a wave begins, a message will appear, saying "Reinforcements have arrived to defend the Shielding Conduits".

Before dealing with the generators, the group should first kill the three guards of every generator in order to prepear the ground. With the <Shielding Conduit> clear, they should begin with them instantly.

It is recommended to prioritise the correct monsters for the group to focus on. Such as focusing the <Draconute Archers> and <Draconute Grunts>. <Shieldtender Scramblemines> don't have to be killed, as they will explode by themselves after a while. The last wave will always be an empowered Drakan; <Shieldtender Weirdweaver>, <Shieldtender Shadowlord> and <Shieldtender Champion>. Whichever is determined by the generator being destroyed.

This strategy should be applied to all three <Shielding Conduit>. However, provided the party is running out of time, on the second and third generator they may instead just focus damage on the generators and kite the additional monsters around. If a group member dies, they will have to swiftly resurrect at the start and reach the generator again.

Akhal the Oracle Edit

When all <Shielding Conduit> have been dealt with, the three summoning crystals will spawn in the middle. Players must use them all three at the same time to summon <Akhal the Oracle> and starting the second phase immediately after.

As soon as the battle begins, every group member must be standing on top of the central area of the platform. If players step out of it into the outer sections of the platform, they will instantly die, much like in Danuar Reliquary. The forbidden area is marked as a faint set of beams of blue light.

Across the fight, he will stick to Flame cage (NPC) <Dark Blaze>, a short AoE, which will inflict damage on enemies around him, as well as setting a damage over time debuff on the affected. And Spiralarrow (NPC) <Dark Flare>, a single target damage attack. Additionally, he will use Dark Order: Scream, an attack which will stun all players in the instance for a few seconds, which can be countered with Remove Shock I <Remove Shock I>.

Some moments after the beginning of the encounter, Akhal will use Rise I <Teleport>, instantly transporting him to another section of the platform. From there, he will summon an additional monster called <Akhal's Phantasm>. As soon as he finishes summoning it, he will use Rise I <Teleport> to another section, doing it another 4 times; summoning a total of 5 additional monsters. They must be dealt with. Their skill set will include Flame cage (NPC) <Dark Blaze>, Spiralarrow (NPC) <Dark Flare>, as well as Macro type 1 <Mana Burst> (an AoE damage attack and MP drain).

Further into the battle, the boss will also make use of Macro type 1 <Dark Command>. As he casts the skill, certain areas of the arena will light up in blue light, shorty after exploding into flames. In order to avoid the damage caused by the attack, all players must step out of those sections. The section is determined by players' positions, and as such, keeping distance from each other is suggested.

When Akhal reaches the 50% of HP, he will begin making use of Course wound (NPC) <Walking the Line>. When casting this dangerous skill, he will select a target, who will, as well as any other nearby enemies, be transformed into a friendly target to <Akhal the Oracle> and as an enemy target for the rest of the group for 5 minutes, as well as receiving a damage-over-time debuff. Players will have to be careful, as attacks will damage other group members.

In order to remove this state, the affected party members will have to look around the edges of the central platform for the <Ancient Daeva Soul>. By interacting with it, it will cast Macro type 1 <Strengthen Soul>, removing the effects of Course wound (NPC) <Walking the Line>. Potions and skills can still be used while transformed, giving the player more time to remove effects.

As the fight progresses, the use of Macro type 1 <Dark Command> increments. When low on HP, he will make use of Rise I <Teleport>, but will not summon additional monsters. Instead, Akhal will cast Macro type 1 <Dark Command> every time he teleports. After going back to the centre he will use Dark Order: Scream once following it with Avenging Bash <Beritra’s Clout>, blocking damage away once again. Immediately after, he will cast Macro type 1 <Phantasm>, spawning all five <Akhal's Phantasms> at the same time. Here, the party should focus on burning down the HP left on Akhal.

If the group has overcame the battle, they may loot <Akhal'sAkhal the Oracle> corpse for the instance's loot. A portal leading outside will also appear.

Quests Edit

Bobonerk's Agency

These are high XP rewarding quests (100m XP) which are given out by Bobonerk, only requiring to kill the last boss. By completing the quest associated with this instance, the one related to Fallen Poeta will be unlocked. These are unlocked by completing the quest related to Theobomos Test Chamber.

Rewards Edit

Akhal the Oracle

Bandits of Greed Edit

Bandits of Greed will sometimes appear in this instance. They spawn right next to the left-side <Shielding Conduit> to the starting platform. They disappear after some minutes if they are not attacked. Once attacked, it will attempt to run off and despawn. If killed, they will drop a bundle for each group member, which will be automatically opened when picked up.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Originally this was a 6-player instance for level 66+ players. After 5.8, it was changed into a 3-player version intended for level 69 players and above, greatly decreasing its difficulty.
  • This instance shares its appearance with Beritra’s Oracle, the final area within Draupnir Cave.
  • On the <Shielding Conduit> phase, monsters will only reward XP and drops once. If the monster is killed once or the instance resets once (when the 10 minutes run out), they will instantly disappear.

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