The Dragonbound are zealous fanatics who worship the Dragon Lords, carrying out their every bid. While some of the higher-ranked members may have opted to follow the Balaur voluntarily in the past, most of the cult's present followers are made up of abducted humans, Daevas and Reians who were then drugged and brainwashed into becoming the Balaur's servants.

This antagonist faction operates in Balaurea, where there recent surge in numbers has been obstructing the Elyos and Asmodian efforts to advance into Balaurea. Several Reians on both sides managed to escape their ordeal, and now seek the player's assistance in putting a halt to the cult's antics.

History Edit

The Dragonbound are first encountered in Inggison and Gelkmaros, where they were found to have established little short of two underground cities: Undirborg (Inggison) and Subterreana (Gelkmaros). With the help of the Reians the players manage to retrieve directives and other orders from the Dragonbound followers, which puts them on the trial of their main base of operations: Udas Temple. After vanquishing Nexus it is learned that the Dragonbound had discovered a massive Jotun studio underneath the complex (Lower Udas Temple), at which point Beritra ordered them to invade it and retrieve a massive Jotun power source. This ultimately failed because of the player's efforts and the Jotuns themselves, who proved way too powerful for the Dragonbound to take down.

After the events in these instances the group mostly fell apart. A few scattered groups of the cult were still seen in Silentera Canyon, Sarpan (imprisoned), Tiamaranta and Katalam, but without their leadership they were little of a threat.

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