The Dragon Lords are the emperors of the Balaur in Atreia. They all had a coronation ceremony in the Balaur capital, though its location remains unknown. Their powers are a mystery for everyone, for only Fregion knows where they come from.

Composition Edit

The Dragon Lords are:

  • Fregion: Arch Dragon Lord; Emperor of the Balaur Empire, Dragon Lord of Fire.
  • Meslamtaeda: 2nd ranked, Lord of Rage, element unknown.
  • Ereshkigal: 3rd ranked, Dragon Lord of Ice and Justice. Weakened after failing to absorb the Genesis Relic, then slain by the players in Aion 6.5.
  • Beritra: 4th ranked, Dragon Lord of Darkness; missing following his defeat in the Drakenspire Depths in Aion 4.8. Confirmed alive in Aion 7.0.
  • Tiamat: 5th ranked, formerly not ranked (would have been the 6th). Dragon Lord of Earth and Death; slain with the help of <Marchutan>(A)/<Kaisinel>(e) in Aion 3.5.
  • Apsu: Originally 5th ranked; Beritra's lover. Assassinated by Tiamat.

History Edit

The Drakan were originally created by Aion in age of ancient Atreia to protect the humans. However, as time passed, they grew tired of their role and began to wish for more power and control over the life of other beings. Slaughtering anyone opposing them, they ravaged the land.

No longer wishing to depend on Aion's power, they began researching alternative powers beyond the deity's reach. It was only when Fregion himself found a source outside their realm. Such discovery granted him an ultimate strength and capabilities. As he shared this source of awakening with other Drakan, only very few fully ascended like he did. Due to their mental and physical power, they were chosen as rulers by Fregion and given the title of Dragon Lords.

To fully cut connections with their former deity, they renamed their race to a name which would later cause immense fear to whoever heard it; the Balaur.

Organization Edit

Although the five Dragon Lords are often perceived as an organized force, each of them actually acts (mostly) independent from the others. They each have their own armies (seen to be composed of several Balaur legions and a Dredgion fleet) as well as their own philosophies and ambitions. However, each Dragon Lord is still forced to report any important findings or big-scale plans to Fregion.

Interaction between the Dragon Lords is heavily dependent on their relationship. This is mainly shown by Tiamat's and Beritra's, as Beritra's own hatred towards Tiamat caused him to silence her call for help before it could reach any of the other Dragon Lords, leaving her to be slain by the Daevas. Another example is the relationship between Fregion and Ereshkigal, as the two fought a cataclysmic battle before which ended with Fregion having Ereshkigal sealed away under the land of Cygnea/Enshar.

Residence Edit

The Dragon Lords reside in Balaurea, the outer shell of Atreia. It is speculated that each of them settles in a specific region of Balaurea, which is then proclaimed at their own. The only known example a Dragon Lord's settlement at this time is Tiamaranta, which belonged to the late Dragon Lord Tiamat. Tiamat had adjusted the geographical lay of the land to match her powers and had a massive castle constructed at the heart of it, Tiamat Stronghold, from where she supervised and reigned over the surrounding lands.

In the 4.0 trailer Beritra is seen sitting on a throne, suggesting that he as well rules over a yet to-be revealed part of Balaurea and has a stronghold of sorts there. A similar situation is Ereshkigal's case, as the 5.8 campaigns in the Core of Reshanta reveal she is residing within a citadel somewhere in Balaurea, potentially in Lakrum.

Trivia Edit

  • Some texts may alternatively refer to them as "Balaur Lords".
  • A Dragon Lord's true form is uncertain as they are able to shape-shift between a Dragon form and a Modern Drakan form, as well as easily disguise as humans and Daevas.
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