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Dorakiki the Bold

Dorakiki the Bold is an assassin optional boss in The Garden of the Entombed inside Beshmundir Temple. Although optional, it is highly seeked by most groups due to its drops. She is the head of the Nightshade Clan, a band of Shulack grave robbers and extortionists.

History Edit

As the Nuglark Shulack village fell into the hands of the Balaur and survivors were aided by the Reian Rhonnam, the Nightshade Clan, an ongoing pain for the villagers, decided to take over the riches and control.

Dorakiki, wanted to aim high and decided to rob the Beshmundir Temple, a place known for its countless treasures. Needing more supplies, she recruited (either forcing or simply convincing them) other Shulacks around Gelkmaros. She kidnapped the village's elder to ensure full cooperation.

Due to their partial alliance with the Balaur, the grave robbers infiltrated the temple, currently investigating the tombs it holds.

Strategy Edit

After having cleared the Garden of the Entombed players may engage and begin with the fight. Players should not move too far away from her default point, as she may swap targets randomly, and pursue it. Moving her too far will cause her to reset.

The most notable moves she will make is lay several debuffs on her target; decreasing attack speed, poisoning, increasing casting speed, decreasing movement speed and lessening offensive and defensive stats. They cannot be removed and should be dealt with during the whole encounter.

Every now and then she will cast Time Wrinkle <Time Wrinkle>, temporarily making her enter into stealth. This is most usually the time when she swaps targets.

Skills Edit

Drops Edit

  • Stormwing Eternal set (Shoulders)
  • Beshmundir Fabled set
  • Underground Temple Heroic set
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