DP glow

Character has a divine 'glow' caused by stored DP

Divine Power, often abbreviated to DP and sometimes referred to as 'Daeva Power' or 'Daeva Points', is used as a resource for a number of abilities and creations. It is gained by killing monsters.

Divine Power is a force accumulated over time and released at a strategic point in combat. Mortals who have witnessed its tremendous power coined the phrase Divine Power, a power so great it can only be harnessed by Daeva.

A player may store up to 4,000 DP at any time. The level of DP gives the character a glow, brighter the more power they have stored. However, DP is reset upon logging out of the game for 5 minutes, or upon death.

Used in Morphing Edit

DP can be used to morph - or create - substances with the power of aether and their divine energy. After learning a design purchased from vendors in the Abyss forts, players can use DP to morph materials that are used in crafting.

Used in Skills Edit

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