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Divine Fortress during siege

Divine Fortress is a level 75 fortress in the Core of Reshanta, reflected on the level of the guards. It was introduced to the game as level 50 content, as the most difficult siege to conquer. It was deactivated temporarily in 4.9, but re-released and revamped in 5.8 in its current state.

Layout Edit

The main island contains the fortress, surrounded by twisting paths that connect it with outside platforms, containing the artifacts. The area below is beyond limits, instantly killing players who approach.

The main fortress has two entrances; the west and east outer doors. These connect with the inner ring hallways, which contain <Balaur Interior Gate Protection Relic> during siege (crucial capture points rewarding 1,000 points to the faction holding them) and the Artifact of Dimension on either its north or south edges. Right in front of the outer doors, the inner ones will be blocking the way into the central chamber, where the deity of the fortress is fought.

The centre of the fortress is where all service NPCs can be found, as well as the entrance to Mirash Sanctum, only during Elyos or Asmodian occupation. Services offered include a General Goods Merchant, a Stigma Master, Conditioning/Augmenting NPCs and a merchant which offers AP in exchange of level 70 and 75 Abyss gear.

Siege Edit

Divine - No Flight

No Flight Box

Vulnerability happens once per week, for 45 minutes. 5 minutes before the start, Balaur will automatically retake the fortress and all players in the Core will be relocated to the starting points in the Core of Reshanta Entrance in the Upper Layer. Unlike other fortresses in the same region, this one will disable the ability of flight at all. The outer parts of the Core will still allow it, but the area containing the fortress and artifacts will be covered with a giant blue square shield, marking the start and end of the no-flight zone.

Factions will start at their starting points in the Upper Layer; Redeemer's Light Advance and Omen Herald's Advance. After siege begins, they must make their way to their respective docking sites in the Core; Redeemer's Light Docks (west) for Elyos, Omen's Herald Docks (east) for Asmodians. This is the only allowed location to set up kisks and the Summon Battlefield Kisk.

Divine - Siege

Balaur Protection Relics

Like other sieges, the objective is to gain the highest amount of points. In this fortress, the only way of acquiring them includes destroying the Exterior Gate and Interior Gate (each giving 1,000p), taking control of the five <Balaur Interior Gate Protection Relic> (they will change to Elyos and Asmodian ownership once interacted with) and defeating Guardian General Deity Orissan. Taking the artifacts will weaken the invulnerability buff on the faction's respective Interior Gate.

Artifacts Edit

A total of 8 artifacts are associated with Divine Fortress, all situated on the periphery of the island. Activation requires 4 22px Major Temporal Stones of which the player must be in possession. In order to capture them, like every artifact, the protector must be defeated.

During siege, the most important artifact is Illusion of Mutation, turning the entire opposing faction into cacti, unable to defend themselves and attack back, for 12 seconds. The artifact Illusion Blaze is useful outside siege, considerably boosting maximum HP for 20 minutes; a nice advantage for endgame instances.

Artifact Effect Location
Mutation of Illusion Mutation of Illusion Transforms all enemies within range into cacti for 12 seconds. They are unable to use skills. Cannot be removed. South
Soul Destruction Soul Destruction Inflicts 2,000 damage on players within range 5 times. Southeast and Southwest
Blaze of Illusion Illusion Blaze Increases Max HP of players by 10,000 for 20 minutes. Northeast and Northwest

Additional Aid Edit

Factions have access to a variety of side features which may help them to take down gates faster, giving them an edge on the other faction.

During the days before siege, one of the three fortresses in the Upper Layer (Miren Fortress, Kysis Fortress and Krotan Fortress) will be randomly selected and shown on the map with a yellow circle around them. This shows that being in possession of the indicated fortress will spawn additional forces to take down gates on the faction's side in Divine Fortress.

The Docks starting point will hold three NPCs here which for Kinah 30,000,000 Kinah will activate special turrets which will make it faster to destroy the Exterior Gate. Only one player is required to pay this kinah, and each can only be used once per siege.

20 minutes into the fight, everyone will be alerted the Artifact of Dimension has spawned. Not exactly an artifact, it will spawn in the outer passages of the fortress, either on the north or south section. Once the few Balaur guarding it are taken care of, a faction member may interact with the artifact's core. Successfully interacting a certain amount of times will open a rift and spawn an Ancient Weapon. Depending on the faction which achieved this, the weapon will spawn on their corresponding side and damage the Interior Gate.

Orissan Edit

Guardian General Deity Orissan stands as the deity of the fortress, rewarding 1,000 points when killed. He can be found in the central chamber. It is not mandatory to defeat him to capture Divine Fortress. Doing so, however, will automatically end the vulnerability time and give ownership to the faction with the most points.

His skill set is mostly identical to the one from other Balaur fortress deities; such as Macro type 1 <Punishing Blow> (an AoE attack), Spiralarrow (NPC) <Slash> (AoE frontal attack), Macro type 1 <Cut> (AoE frontal attack), Stealth Detection <Prime Target> (silences and binds a player and inflicts damage around them), Annihilation (short range AoE attack) and Stun altered state <Searing Scream> (wide range AoE stun). What makes him considerably more dangerous is Frigid Storm, which deals enough damage to instantly kill everyone in the chamber. Fortunately, the skill respects obstacles, meaning standing behind the barrier near the stairs before the skill goes off will protect players from its damage.

Instances Edit

Solo Instances
Alliance Instances

Quests Edit

Related quests are all started from the same NPC in the faction's landing; Dalan in Redemption Landing for Elyos and Tanaas in Harbinger's Landing for Asmodians.

Rewards Edit

Siege rewards depend on contribution. The more of it gained, the better the rewards for the player. Glory Points are given to the player automatically, the rest is given through mail, including Spinel Medal <Spinel Medals>, 22px (Stamp) Tempering Solutions and 22px Divine Fortress Equipment Evolution Material Bundle.

Trivia Edit

  • Divine Fortress was one of the original fortresses released as part of the base game, as level 50 content. Every patch that increased the level cap would also be reflected with this fortress (upped to 55, 60 and 65).
  • With the Eye of Reshanta sealed off after 4.9, the fortress was taken by Balaur and completely disabled. It was only remastered and rereleased after 5.8 as the prime focus of the patch.
  • The original layout and design of the fortress was different before being disabled.
    • Just like other fortresses in Reshanta, it would have an artifact room and a wide Deity General room (which would only hold NPCs for the conquering legion). They were completely removed.
    • Its deity was Ereshkigal's Claw, another variation of Ulsaruk.
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