Take some Asvata Logs to Molota so she can build an altar.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect logs from the Asvata Trees and bring them to Molota.
Asvata Log (0/18)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Gather 18 Asvata Logs and return to Molata for the reward. A good area to gather is in the Chaos Bramble area to the south east of Hoarfrost Shelter

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Took my...cub! took her! Burrrrrrned her! Savages!
ZEMURRRRRRRU! Why...have you done thisssss? Khhhhhhhhh!
Must be a get her back! Mussst be! Yesssss! Mussssst be!"
1 "Maybe you should giv..."
"NO! Mussssst be a way! Molota will Lord Zemurru....
Molota will build an altarrrr...for Lord Zemurru. Will show him my...devotion! Then my cub will be...rrrrreturned to me.
You will help, Asmmmodian. Fell the Asvata Trees and...bringggggg me their wood. Asvata trees for an... Asvata altar...yesssss."

Accept Edit

"You believe too, Assssmodian! You see! Lord Zemurrrrrrru tests me, and I will pass this test...have my cub...back. Prrrrrrrr!
Go! Tread ssssoftly, trrrread quickly. Bring me the logs...from the Asvata Tree."
X "I'll be as fast as I can."

Decline Edit

"WHAT?! Molota missssheard! Molota thought Asmodian...said no!
Musssst understand. Must have cub again...must clean her fur, must lick her paws, must...feed herrrr!"
X "I don't have time."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Khhhhhhh! Back! praying to Lord Zemurrrrrru! Must not be disssstracted!"
1 "I've brought you the logs."
"Yessssssss! Pass them herrre!
Now must build the altar...for Lord Zemurrrrrru! Molota must do this...alone. Musssst prrrrove worth! Must...have cub!"

Summary Edit

Hoarfrost Mau Molota has apparently been driven insane from the shock of losing her cub.

She claimed that she would get her baby back by praying to Zemurru, and begged you to bring her Asvata logs so that she could build an altar.

You agreed to help and brought the logs to her.

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