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Talk with <Lyfjaberga> and receive your first mission as a Daeva.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Go to the entrance of Pandaemonium and talk with <Doman>.
  • Teleport to the Altgard Fortress and meet <Meiyer>.

Given Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 1,500 XP

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with your skill trainer in the Great Temple to obtain the quest. Travel to Vifrost Bridge and speak with Doman to update quest. Now travel to Altgard and give Meiyer Lyfjaberga's Recommendation to complete the quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"We minister to many gravely hurt warriors in our work. And we'd see firsthand that a true Asmodian laughs at wounds.
Indeed, some ordeals of the flesh are disguised blessings, for they can trigger the latent Daeva within and prompt ascension.
Ordeals of the heart, too, can rip asunder what is mortal and free the Daeva within. Tell me truthfully, [Player Name]. What was it that triggered your ascension?"
1 "<Munin'sMunin> prophecy awakened me."
"Munin! Munin the exile? That name is anathema!
[Player Name], I had heard tongues wagging wickedly about you. Now I see your choices set those tongues into motion. Is Munin the sort you choose to associate with?
Munin has many enemies. His prophecy concerning the Thirteenth Empyrean Lord turned many hearts against him."
1 "The Thirteenth Empyrean Lord?"
"Hush young stormcrow. If you sow breezes, you will reap hurricanes. Where Munin is concerned, it is better to remain silent.
And you're too busy to linger on such indiscretions. Asmodae needs you, [Player Name], and to excel in the service of Asmodae is to honor those who made us so strong in the first place.
Your chance to serve has already come. I have been ordered to dispatch you to Altgard Fortress."
1 "I'm no snow angel."
"Maybe someone is trying to keep you out of the way. You are a known associate of Mu...of a certain exile, after all.
[Player Name], turn this challenge to your advantage. Work hard in Altgard, wear away what remains of your mortal softness, and in time you will be strong enough to face the Abyss. Are you ready for Altgard?


"Take this letter to Altgard Fortress. Give it to Centurion Meiyer, and he will assign your first duties.
To reach Altgard Fortress, ask Doman at the Gate of Pandaemonium."
X "The task is mine!"


"Wretched, ungrateful you disappoint me. Destiny gives you a gift beyond price, and you repay her by lolling in indolence while others fight and die!
Cooing with Munin is taint enough upon your record. Turn around now before you become a complete waste of wings!
Enough! The stink of cowardice brings water to my eyes. Altgard Fortress waits for you... and perhaps you'll find what remains of your honor there as well."
X "On my way."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Nice to see you at last, [Player Name]. I was starting to wonder...sometimes new Daevas can't cope with the responsibility that accompanies those wings.
Altgard Fortress, is it? Good. More meat for the grinder! When you're ready to go, just say the word."
1 "I'm ready."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The new Daeva from Pandaemonium...hmmm. Welcome to the Altgard Fortress![sic]
<Heimdall'sHeimdall> already written to me about you. Looks like he thought you could use a guiding hand. "Go easy on [Player Name]," it says here. "Relatively inexperienced. Recent ascension."
There's too much father and not enough soldier in ol' Heimdall."
1 "Here's my letter of recommendation."
"The paperwork is all in order. Did <Brigade General SuthranSuthran> give you your assignment yet? Get over there as soon as you can.
Hurry! You don't want to hear Suthran's "more disappointed than angry" speech."


When Lyfjaberga asked you what made you ascend, you explained that Munin's prophecy was the trigger. Lyfjaberga advised you not to mention Munin's name in Pandaemonium.

Ordering you to go to the Altgard Fortress, Lyfjaberga gave you a recommendation letter. You went to Altgard Fortress and met Centurion Meiyer.

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