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Talk with <Ve> and receive your first mission as a Daeva.

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  • Xp 1,500 XP

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Speak with your skill trainer in the Great Temple to obtain the quest. Travel to Vifrost Bridge and speak with Doman to update quest. Now travel to Altgard and give Meiyer Ve's Recommendation to complete the quest and receive reward.

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"Of all the triggers that awaken people into Daevahood, the most common is a personal crisis or massive mental shock. A second birth, really, only this time you feel the agony, not your mother.
Indulge my curiosity, young Daeva. What provoked your ascension?"
1 "<Munin'sMunin> prophecy awakened my wings."
"You ascended because of Munin? This complicates matters...complicates them severely...
As a Sorcerer, you understand that names have power, yes? For your own good, do not mention Munin's name in Pandaemonium.
Munin's numerous enemies sent him into exile and erased his name from the books of lore because of his prophecy about the thirteenth Empyrean Lord."
1 "A thirteenth Empyrean Lord?"
"A ridiculous fantasy, nothing more. Don't trouble your mind with it.
Rather than such fantasies, you should concern yourself with one pressing reality--your magic is a wild thing, and will struggle out of your hands and bite you unless you grasp it firmly...control it utterly.
Plenty of Archons expect you to lose control. I look forward to throwing their words back in their faces. Here's your chance: you're being sent to Altgard Fortress."
1 "Wow. Lucky me..."
"Altgard Fortress is the proverbial deep part of the river, is it not? I expect it has something to do with certain shady characters in your recent past.
Best not to make a fuss about it --it's only Altgard, not the Abyss. If anyone asks, tell them in proper Asmodian fashion that you welcome the chance to grow strong through adversity.
And I think I see the answer in your eyes, but... will you accept your first posting?"


"Take this letter of recommendation to Altgard Fortress. Give it to Centurion Meiyer, and he'll provide further direction.
Never been to Altgard Fortress before? Speak with Doman at the Gate of Pandaemonium. He will teleport you to Altgard Fortress."
X "The task is mine!"


"You already have one blot on your record, and written next to it is the name "Munin". Do you really wan tot disgrace yourself further?
I've seen many young Daevas dispatched to Altgard, and not all of them have come back. Yet before today, I never saw a young Daeva doing any less than duty demands. Your cowardice shames their memory..."Daeva".
Altgard Fortress is waiting. I suggest you do some hasty growing up."
X "I see."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Nice to see you at last, [Player Name]. I was starting to wonder...sometimes new Daevas can't cope with the responsibility that accompanies those wings.
Altgard Fortress, is it? Good. More meat for the grinder! When you're ready to go, just say the word."
1 "I'm ready."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The new Daeva from Pandaemonium...hmmm. Welcome to Altgard Fortress!
Heimdall's already written to me about you. Looks like he thought you could use a guiding hand. "go easy on [Player Name]" it says here. "relatively inexperienced. Recent ascension."
There's too much father and not enough soldier in ol' Heimdall."
1 "Here's my letter of recommendation."
"The paperwork is all in order. Did <Brigade General SuthranSuthran> give you your assignment yet? Get over there as soon as you can.
Hurry! You don't want to hear Suthran's "more disappointed than angry" speech."


When Ve asked you what made you ascend, you explained that Munin's prophecy was the trigger. Ve advised you not to mention Munin's name in Pandaemonium.

Ordering you to go to the Altgard Fortress, Ve gave you a recommendation letter. You went to Altgard Fortress and met Centurion Meiyer.

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