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"I thought we were supposed to be warriors, not mind readers.
How are we supposed to know if a guy is an honest pilgrim or a troublemaker just by looking at him?
That guy didn't look any different from anyone else."
1 "What are you talking about?"
X "Sorry, I'm in a hurry."
"My apologies, Daeva. I thought you'd heard. Someone got into the Temple and caused a bit of a ruckus. Dengard blames us for "letting him get through."
Think about that for a minute. Am I a Daeva of Mind Reading? No! So how am i supposed to guess what people have come here for? Do they want me to follow everyone around and make sure the don't tough anything?
"You need more discipline." he says. I'll give him discipline. Blasted slave-driver!"
X "Tough break, Dilaila."
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