<AkagitanChieftain Akagitan> always tastes anything his wife Nargatal eats or drinks. Take Nargatal's tonic to Akagitan.

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Take the Invigorant to Chieftain Akagitan located across the Red Mane Cavern.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"The tonic is almosssst completed, rrrrr....
I have preparrrred a small amount also...for Chieftain Akagitan.
He musssst taste...everything...his lady eats or drinks."
1 "Cautious, eh?"
"Extrrrremely. At firssst, I thought he did not trust me.
But it is only his love...forrr his wife...that dictates this.
Will you deliverrrr...this cup to Akagitan for me?"
1 "Is there some reason you don't take it?"
"A good quessstion, darkwing.
I could ssssay...I musssst finish the tonic.
Or I could should meet Chieftain[sic] Chieftain Akagitan. He is...a good ally to have, rrrrrrrr...."

Accept Edit

"Sssstill hot!
And the smmmmell is perhaps...overpowering?
I'll be cover it."
X "That would be good."

Decline Edit

"Have I given some affrrrront, darkwing?
Or are you meet the great Chieftain Akagitan? should be...."
X "Teeth. And claws...."

Reward Dialogue Edit

Chieftain Akagitan
Ssssome I will Nargatal completely well, rrrrrrrrrrr....
But whennnn the winds of Beluslan blow cold, she weakens.
Is that...the tonic she needs? And who are you?"
1 "[Player Name], great Akagitan. H-here's the tonic."
"It ssssmells horrrrible! Khhhhhhhhhh!
Laksyatil must favorrrr you, to send you here.
I shall rememberrrr...your kindness, rrrrrrrrr...."

Summary Edit

Apparently, Chieftain Akagitan always tastes anything his wife Nargatal eats or drinks.

Laksyatil said to take the tonic to Akagitan and use the opportunity to meet him. Akagitan thanked you and gave you a reward.

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