Magni told you about Destroyer Hamitemon, the leader of the Petrahulks. Get rid of him to help save the Red Lava Cliff trees.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Destroyer HamitemonDestroyer Hamitemon. (0/1)
  • Talk to <Magni>.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go to The Crash Site and kill Destroyer Hamitemon. Return to Magni to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"No. Something is...wrong. After you killed the Petrahulks...I felt the tree roots relax, but they're tightening around me...again. Something is very wrong.
Ah...Hamitemon. You have...angered Hamitemon."
1 "Who?"
"Their leader. He is huge...terrifying. If we have angered him...then he will be seeking revenge for those you killed.
You must kill him, Daeva. Then the Petrahulks will lose purpose, and their...anger.
He will crush the forests to get...your attention. You must act...before that happens. Kill him now. End this...struggle."

Accept Edit

"Hurry. Destroyer Hamitemon is...east of the Crash Site.
Be careful, he is...very strong, but must be killed quickly, before...the Petrahulks become organized."
X "I'll do my best."

Decline Edit

"You have said no? Why? Are you afraid of Hamitemon? Do you have no time?
You Fear only encourages him. Confront him...defeat us all."
X "Let me think for a moment."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The roots...have loosened again, Daeva. Was that your doing? Did you kill Hamitemon?
Tell me...."
1 "He's dead. The trees are safe."
"Finally, it is safe. The tyrant is dead, and the Red Lava Cliffs have been saved. I can now...fade away in peace, free from worry."
Thank you, Daeva."

Summary Edit

Magni was worried that the trees on the Red Lava Cliff would never be safe as long as Destroyer Hamitemon, the leader of the Petrahulk, lived.

You went to the east end of The Crash Site and killed Destroyer Hamitemon, saving the trees and helping Magni free himself from worry.

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