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Derot is a task force leader in charge of the Anturoon Sentry Post at Anturoon Crossing in Ishalgen. He is good at making money.

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Starts quests
Ends quest

Dialogue Edit

"Y'know, back when I was young, a travellin' fortune-teller grabbed me by the wrist. Said "You, young man, will become lucky with money and lead a fortunate life."
Last night I ate burnt Brax leg. If that's fortunate...
Good thing I've got an eye for a deal or I wouldn't have lasted this long."
1 "Maybe that's what she meant by lucky?"
X "Maybe if you hadn't burnt it..."
"Maybe, maybe not.
I'm still holdin' out hope that some stranger will come wanderin' by and hand over a fortune. Wouldn't that be something?"
X "It certainly would."
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