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Demaha's map

Demaha is a region discovered after Ereshkigal's defeat on the south islands of Balaurea. Formerly the land of Dragon Lord Apsu, it was left to wither for centuries after his death due to Tiamat's spite towards her. Nature grew wild into the perfect field for valuable natural resources to develop. This is exact reason is why Stellin Industries claimed this land as theirs.

The map is shared between Elyos and Asmodians, exclusive for players of level 80+. Except for select areas which are purely neutral zones or have Stellin guards which will stop any confrontation, the map is fully PvP oriented. Altars are a big feature in this region, acting like small capturable fortresses.

Accessing Demaha Edit

Background Edit

Once the prosperous seat of power for Apsu, the forgotten Dragon Lord, Demaha was left in ruins after his death. Centuries later, Demaha has become a focal point of potential conflict where Stellin Industries has established a neutral zone. Here, Asmodians and Elyos share equal ground amongst the wild and untamed land, where feral beasts and hostile Apsu worshippers still roam.

-Official description from the 7.0 Patchnotes.

Lay of the Land Edit

Whenever a player is teleported to Demaha, they will be sent to their faction's small outpost on the northeast and northwest corners of the map. However, the main bind point is the giant citadel in the middle of the region; Stellusia, Stellin Industries' headquarters. While some of its hallways are safe zones, the ones which are not are heavily guarded by guards which will instantly attack and kill any player that engages in PvP with the opposing faction. Areas which have high quest relevancy will also have guards assigned here.

World Bosses Edit

The area features plethora of world bosses which spawn at selected times. Their main appeal are the Legendary-grade ones, dropping Ultimate Demaha Champion's and Legendary Demaha Champion's weapons, which are extendable (melee weapons only) and powerful PvE weapons. Other bosses, as well as the Legendary ones, drop 22px Ultimate Alcemium, Cubicle bundles, manastones and 22px Stigma Enchantment Stones.

Altars Edit

Altars are unique to the region, acting like smaller capturable fortresses. Everyday at a certain time, Altars will go vulnerable and can be captured. The Legion with the most damage dealt on the boss will be given ownership of the altar. The altar is available to the whole faction, but only members of the conquering legion will gain benefits such as exclusive quests rewarding 22px Stellium and easy teleport to the Altar from Stellusia.

The more a faction fails to capture a certain Altar, the stronger a buff they will get for the following vulnerability siege, much like the siege buffs for fortresses. Altar ownership also affects the Influence Ratio.

Altars have different sizes (small, medium and large), which determine the buffs unlocked during siege and the strength of the guards protecting it. At the moment, large Altars are disabled and cannot be captured.

Fortresses Edit

Demaha's fortress is located on the south sector of the region. Much like Divine Fortress and unlike Lakrum Fortress, it resets to Balaur 5 minutes before siege begins. Other than rewards from the siege itself and Influence Ratio, there is not a particular benefit to owning this fortress.

Instances Edit

Group Instances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The north section of Demaha is visually similar to Katalam. The central area is similar to Eltnen. The south section is similar to either Kaldor or the volcanic sectors of Tiamaranta.
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