Polyidus wants to send some goods to the Outer Port. Deliver them to Phogus in the Passenger Ship Port.

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Talk with <Polyidus> to obtain this repeatable quest. Next talk to Phogus in the airship dock to update quest. Travel back and speak to Polyidus to receive reward.

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"Phogus, the port manager, usually comes by, gathers the goods and loads them on outbound transports.
But he hasn't been by in a while and now I have stacks of goods to move. I'd do it myself, but I can't leave my post.
[Player Name], how about taking these there for exercise? I can't pay all that much, but it will help if you need money to go to Verteron or Eltnen."

Reward Dialogue Edit

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Summary Edit

Polyidus, the Teleport Master, helps visitors to Sanctum with their belongings and occasional deliveries.

He usually keeps things and gives them back to their owners later. But the Outer Port is so far from his post that he sends goods to Phogus in the Passenger Ship Port.

When you visited him, he asked you to take some for him. You delivered the goods and received a reward.

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