Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver the supply requests to Veldina.
  • Talk with Doman.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Doman to receive this quest. Travel to the Temple of Gold and speak with Veldina to update quest. Now travel back and speak with Doman to receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"This has to be the busiest teleporter in all of Atreia, [Player Name]. But since I see everyone who comes and goes through this gate, the younger Daevas treat me like a message service! "Oh, if you see such-and-cuh, would you tell them this..."
I swear they'd pin notes to me if they could. Do I look like a social secretary to you?
Now, some messages I don't mind taking, like when the messengers drop off requests from our troops for supplies. Those, I'm happy to pass on. They all go to Veldina in the Temple of Gold."
1 "You take them to Veldina?"
"Well, at first I'd drop off a whole bunch of supply requests with Veldina when I came off duty. But if Veldina didn't get the orders until I finished my shift, it meant the troops might get their requests a day late.
So I came up with a solution.
Plenty of Daevas come back to Pandaemonium with their pockets full of cash, go and spend it all on new gear, potions, and skill manuals, and then find they've not saved enough for the teleporter ride back to wherever they need to be."
1 "So you make a trade."
"Now you get it. If you're in that situation, [Player Name], I can help you out. If you take these supply requests to Veldina for me, I'll give you 500 Kinah.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Why not drop the charge? Listen, I would if I could, but it's the law. Everyone pays, even the Governor. And every Kinah goes towards supporting the war effort. I don't pocket any of it.
What do you say?"


"Excellent! Take this supply request...and this one, and this one.. and you'd better take this one with the blood on it.
Drop them off with Veldina at the Temple of Gold.
The quicker these are dealt with, the better."
X "On my way!"


"If you'd rather pay, that's fine with me.
I won't bother you with errands.
I'll see you again soon."
X "Blood for blood."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

"Hail, [Player Class].
The warehouses are ready for your use. Or, if you need more room in your inventory cube you can--'re not here for that? Well, what can I help you with?"
1 "I'm delivering supply requests."
"Let me see those...spellbooks, chainmail gloves, staff handles...nothing unusual here. I'll get started on this immediately.
You can go collect your teleporter fare from Doman now. I know what it means when a Daeva brings me supply requests.
Good luck, Daeva."
1 "By your leave."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome back.
While you've been gone, I've had a pile more supply requests dropped off. Reshanta must be a bloodbath.
Did you drop off those supply requests to Veldina like I asked?"
1 "All taken care of."
"Good work.
Here's your reward. They really should just assign a runner to me permanently, but oh well.
Until they do, if you're ever stuck for traveling expenses, you know what to do."


Thinking you might be too poor to afford the teleporter fare, Doman suggested you deliver some supply requests to Veldina for him. When you came back after delivering the requests to Veldina, he gave you the small reward he had promised, and suggested you come back whenever you needed traveling expenses.

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