<Mune> completed the robe that Pernos ordered, but (after being rude to him) is afraid to deliver it.
Pick out an accessory to deliver to Pernos along with the Robe.
Choose from Choose from Scar Fang's, Abex Horn, and Brax Hoof.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Scar's Fang> (0/1)
<Abex Horn> (0/1)
<Brax Hoof> (0/1)
  • Get a special gift from Pernos.

Basic Reward Edit

  • Unknown Unknown

Unknown Reward Edit

Brax Hoof
Abex Horn
Scar's Fang

Walkthrough Edit

Acquire 1 of 3 special ingredients for an ornament. The Brax Hoof can be obtained from a <Brownbristle Brax>. The Abex Horn can be obtained from a <Grove Abex>. As seen above, both of these items yield lower experience and menial items compared to Scar's Fang. This ornament gives best reward, Scar's Belt, and is obtained from <Scar> found in a cave in the southeastern Deforested Area. Deliver the requested robe and ornament to Pernos for reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Oh it's you, [Player Name]. Good to see you again! You'll be pleased to know that thanks to you, I completed that robe for Pernos. However, there' small problem....
I went to the Agaric Spore Road to measure Pernos for the most flattering fit. But he said that I should leave him alone and just guess at the measurements!
Treating me, an artist, like an amateur! Well, I took matters in hand and got his measurements by force!"
1 "You did?"
"I did, and the next day, Pernos came to town. I was fetching the finished robe when our priest came over to greet him, and he treated Pernos like some highborn lord of Sanctum!
Clearly Pernos is a man of status, and I'd gone and treated him like an insolent child!
Merchants have been ruined by less! Ruined!"
1 "Is there something you want me to do?"
"Yes! Please! Now I'm too embarrassed to show my face, but someone has to deliver Pernos his robe. I should add an ornament to it too, so Pernos sees I put my very best efforts into it.
Scar's Fang, an Abex Horn, or a Brax Hoof are all suitable for these colors.
Will you take it to him, [Player Name]?"

Accept Edit

"Oh--thank you! You've lifted the weight of the heavens from my shoulders! You'll find Pernos's home on the Agaric Spore Road. Oh, and remember the ornament! A Scar's Fang, an Abex Horn, or a Brax Hoof, any of those would be fine!
You can find Scar in the [Worg Run]]. And there are plenty of Brax near Cliona Lake and Abex in the Daminu Forest!
Best of luck! And thanks!"
X "Happy to help."

Decline Edit

"Oh, well...I suppose it's up to me. I thought you might do better with Pernos, but I'll just have to face him....
But, uh...if you change your mind, [Player Name], it would be a real relief."
X "We'll see."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, you must be the one they call [Player Name]...
I see you've brought me Mune's robe.
Well, let's have a look."
1 "Here is Mune's Robe and Scar's Fang."
2 "Here is Mune's Robe and an Abex Horn."
3 "Here is Mune's Robe and a Brax Hoof."
"Mune may have mentioned that the robe allows me to discern Aetheric patterns. It will enable me to root out Asmodian spies, and identify Humans who have the potential to ascend as Daevas. It's a subtle, powerful tool.
A Daeva sees patterns underlying everything. When I put on this robe, I can glimpse the world of the ascended few! Ah, fits rather nicely, don't you think?
Yes! Ribbons of silver drifting off the moonflower blossom, and...oh my! Your aura! A Daeva's would be dull beside it! Tell me-–did you choose the ornament on my robe?"
1 "Yes, I did."

Failed item checkEdit

You lie, [Player Name], there is no ornament! And Mune promised me one. It is essential, not a decoration, and without it my new senses are flawed and confused!
Hurry and fetch me an ornament now!"
X "Right away."

Successful item checkEdit

Scar's Fang
You could not have known, but Scar Fang makes an excellent Aetheric focus. Your choice of ornament shows wisdom, [Player Name].
Please pass on my thanks to Mune. As for you...I've a feeling we'll meet again, my young [Player Class]."
Abex Horn
"An Abex Horn!
It has no magical use, but I've always found them aesthetically appealing.
Please pass on my thanks to Mune. And...we'll speak soon, [Player Name]."
Brax Hoof
"No wonder I'm confused--you chose a Brax Hoof, did you? Not only is it quite ugly, it can also interfere with Aetheric flow! I'd sooner have the robe with no ornament at all.
Well, thank you for your efforts, I suppose.
Please pass on my thanks to Mune as well."

Summary Edit

Mune completed the robe for Pernos. However, Mune was afraid to deliver it after being rude to the old man.

You delivered the robe in his place, along with an accessory you chose.

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