Collect what Doman asked for from Haven and deliver it to him.

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Talk with Doman to receive quest. Travel to the Crandale District and speak with Haven to update quest. Finally travel back and speak with Doman again to finish quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

"Well, look who it is! The mighty [Player Name]. Blew all your traveling money on booze and tavern snacks, did you?
Maybe I've got some trivial task I can send you on, so I can justify tipping you a few Kinah for your trouble. Let me think now...
Ah, yes. I think I have something suited to your proven talent for skipping around the city and delivering messages. Unless you're already busy running errands for someone else, of course?"
1 "Spit it out, Doman."
"Well, Haven was supposed to bring me a little something from the Apellbine Tavern--I'm sure you know the place-- but I've not seen her all day.
Run over there and collect my order, will you?"

Accept Edit

"Thanks, [Player Name]. I appreciate this, seriously.
Haven will be in her usual spot outside the Apellbine, I expect, tying to drum up some customers.I'd go myself, but, you know...I have to operate the teleporter all day."
Hurry back if you could."
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"Oh, if you don't need the money then never mind.
But if you're ever stuck for your fare, you know where to come.
I can always find something for you to do."
X "Thanks Doman."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

Come right in to the Apellbine Tavern!
Fresh Conide on the spit, great liquor on tap. You won't want to leave!"
1 "Doman's waiting for his order"
"Oh, blast! I completely forgot!
Here, take this. It's Doman's juice. Please get it to Doman right away.
When you're done, you should come back here and have a few drinks yourself!"
1 "Maybe I will."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]!
Thank Azphel you are back! Could you have taken any longer?
You've got my order, right?"
1 "Sure thing, Doman."
"Thank you! Some days I can barely make it through my shift, but I heard about this Odella Juice so I tried it.
It's good stuff! Makes your hands and feet tingle. Kind of hard to stop drinking it, though, once you've taken up the habit. It's good for you, though! Keeps you healthy! Improves your reaction speed! I can feel it doing me good right now!
Thanks, [Player Name]. Need me to send you anywhere?"


Doman said that Haven was supposed to send him something, but she hadn't turned up. He asked you to go to the Apellbine Tavern and pick up his order.

It turned out that Haven had forgotten Doman's Odella Juice again, so she gave it to you.

When you brought the Odella Juice to Doman, he explained that he needed it to help keep up his energy, because working the teleporter all day was so exhausting.

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