You have been ordered to take the third test for Abyss Entry Permission. Go to <Fuchsia> and choose a mission.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 403,012 XP
  • Kinah 58,760 Kinah
  • Ap 250 Abyss Points
  • Unknown Unknown

Unknown Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, talk to Fuchsia. Head to the Coliseum and talk to Epeios, and when ready, enter the test. Kill 10 and the test immediately ends. Deaths will incur death penalty as normal, and the player must speak to Epeios again to retry. Once successful, go to Eltnen Fortress and talk to Telemachus to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], you've done well to make it this far. Are you prepared for the third stage of the Abyss entry test?
Before you answer, know that the battlefield of the Abyss is in constant motion, and your strategies must adapt accordingly.
To this end, I have readied a mission to prepare and test you, if you are ready to proceed.'
1 "I'm ready."
"To complete your mission, you need more than just fighting ability; you will also need patience, courage, and diligence.
This test will help us assess whether you have the abilities we are looking for.
We begin at your pleasure. Say the word."
1 "Accept."
"Your mission takes you to the Sanctum Underground Arena, where your ability to fight when outnumbered will be fiercely tested against packs of ferocious beasts.
Go to Coliseum and tell Arena Manager Epeios that you came for the Abyss test, and he will send you on your way."
1 "Walk in Ariel's light."
2 "Decline."
"Regardless of duty and destiny, you must make your own choices while you can.
Safe travels, [Player Name]. Come back when you are ready."
X "I'll think on what you've said."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

" walk without a limp. I take it you are a newcomer.
Tell me, why do you come to the Duel Sanctuary?"
1 "To be tested for the Abyss."
"Hmmm, perhaps your un-scarred skin is a product of skill rather than inexperience.
When you arrive in the Sanctum Underground Arena, you will see cages at the front and sides of the arena. Within are ravenous creatures without mercy or compassion.
Open them. If you kill at least ten within a set time limit, I'll know you have what it takes. Are you ready?"
1 "Ready."

Failed Attempt Edit

"The test requires that you kill ten beasts, Daeva. This time, you fell short.
You must remain focused, one failure cannot deter you. Skill alone is nothing without determination. This is the true strength of the Daeva.
Tell me when you are ready to try again."
1 "I'm ready."

Successful Attempt Edit

"You've returned, and perhaps a bit more weathered than when you arrived!
Did the beasts treat you well? I imagine they were pleased to see such a fresh meal presented to them.
Tell me how many you managed to slay."
1 "The count stands at..."
"You have done all that I asked, and have passed the third test. The skill of a fighter is not measured in bruises, but rather the ability to avoid them.
Return to Eltnen Fortress and report your progress to Brigade General Telemachus.
He will prepare you for the next phase."
1 "Thank you, I will."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name].
You have come with good news, I hope. Elysea can do with as much of that as possible."
1 "I have returned from the Arena victorious."
"This is welcome news indeed. Handling those beasts speaks volumes of your courage and tenacity, traits essential to taking on Asmodians and Balaur in the Abyss.
I formally certify your successful completion of the third test. Great things lie ahead of you, [Player Name], I can feel it. One warrior can always sense the worth of another.
One final test awaits you before you can join us in the Abyss."


Fuchsia told you that the third test ensures you are able to carry out your missions amid the dangers of the Abyss.

She instructed you to go to the underground arena and defeat the beasts there, to prove yourself against overwhelming numbers.

You completed your mission and reported the results to Telemachus, commander of Eltnen Fortress.

Notes Edit

  • This quest used to involve three choices, but was changed to make it easier.

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