Gano promised to get Mandrake for Krodis. Deliver the plant before it withers.

Quest InformationEdit


  • Take the Mandrake to <Krodis> before it withers.

Given Edit



Talk with <Gano> to obtain this quest (he's next to the road between the Citadel and Tolbas Village). He asks you to take some mandrake to Krodis in Tolbas Village before it dries out. You have a 15:00 minutes (game time) to reach Krodis before the mandrake withers, which is really no problem if you head straight there and avoid aggro.


Initial DialogueEdit

"I got bad luck. Real bad luck. I promised Krodis I'd find him some Mandrake. I was so sure I'd find some.
Well, I searched all over and got nothing.
I gave up in the end. Came back to this rock right here. Then I got a hunch, and looked under it, and would you guess what I found?"
1 "A Mandrake?"
"A whole bunch of 'em! Real fat ones too!
Now, I gotta get 'em back to Krodis before they go bad. They go bad real quick once you pick 'em, you know?
But I promised little <Eradis> back in the village I'd fetch him some herbs, and I gotta keep that promise. Don't suppose you'd take the Mandrake to Krodis for me, would ya?"

Accept Edit

"Okay. Here's the Mandrake. It's already shrivellin', you better hurry!
Get it to Krodis quick as you can. If he wants it to grow, he needs to get it into the soil right away.
If it dries out, just come on back and I'll give you another."
X "I'm already gone!"

Decline Edit

"Too bad. I guess they'll just have to go dry, then.
It's my own fault for pullin' 'em up too fast, I guess."
X "Sorry again..."

Reward DialogueEdit

"That smell! I know that smell.
When I had a headache, my grandmother used to mix me up some Mandrake juice. Tasted horrible, but it worked.
I haven't had it in years. I can never get fresh Mandrake...."
1 "Actually, this is for you."
"Oh, the Mandrake I asked Gano for! And it's still fresh!
Come on, my lovely. Into the soil with you. There we go...
Thanks, Daeva. If this gets growing, I'll have fresh Mandrake whenever I want!"

Summary Edit

Gano was asked to bring Mandrake to Krodis, but he was busy gathering other herbs and was afraid that it would wither before he delivered it.

You took the Mandrake to Krodis before it dried out.

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