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Deke is found at the Outer Dock; he entices people to gamble. He used to run a pool, betting on which Human in Sanctum would ascend next. He stands behind the Dionysia Tavern, next to <Benorun>, <Menon>, and <Lityerses>, their boss.

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Dialogue Edit

"Care for a game of dice, or Summoning Stick?
You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
What a pity. Such a wise and noble Daeva who's never heard of the best games around."
1 "Tell me about them."
X "I don't have time for you."
"Well, you roll the dice and whoever gets the highest number wins. It's easy. I have two sets of dice right here. You'll need to use this pair. These others are mine. They're uh... lucky.
Summoning Stick is easy too. You use an enchanted stick that summons a little monster, and you hit the monster with the stick. Whoever bludgeons the monster quickest wins the pot. Too bad they banned it.
I don't see the harm myself. Nothing wrong with a game between friends, eh?"
X "I'm not interested."
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