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<Ivis>, a weapons merchant, needs Crystal Fragments to ornament his weapons. Bring him the fragments he needs.

Quest Information[]


  • Collect Crystal Fragments that grow in pools around the citadel for <Ivis>.
<Crystal Fragment> (0/5)

Basic Reward[]


Talk with Ivis to receive this quest. Collect 5 Crystals from around the Citadel. Take the Crystals back to Ivis for reward.

If you walk out of the Citadel and take a right, you will pass a couple small ponds and reach a larger pond with a camp next to it and a small island in the middle. In the water spawns two crystals you can take and wait for respawn. The crystals look like tiny silver icebergs in the water.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Whatever you need, just let me know. I have everything from daggers to maces to spears to spellbooks. Every weapon you could possibly need.
You'll find good old fashioned quality here, no throwaway rubbish. Every blade leaves my shop freshly sharpened. See the gleam from that edge? A thread of sunlight!
The hilts are studded with Crystals. They burn and dazzle like flames. Beautiful, aren't they?"
1.png "Which crystals do you use?"
"They come from local ore. They're translucent, resistant, and perfect for ornamentation. All true Verteron weapons have these Crystals embedded in them.
They're difficult to get, though. The larger Crystals are embedded so deeply in the earth that you can break your back trying to dig them out.
But you can dig up Crystal Fragments pretty easily."
1.png "Oh yeah?"
"Absolutely. That's why it's so hard to find Crystal Fragments in the swamp these days. The few that are left are mostly under water.
Most people in Verteron leave those alone, what with all the creatures living in there.
You don't look afraid of Slinks or Potcrabs... and my supply of Crystal Fragments is nearly used up. Would you be willing to fetch some for me?"


"That's decent of you! Thanks!
I'll need five or more Crystal Fragments to finish ornamenting the current batch of weapons. You should be able to find Crystals in the river, or the pools in front of the citadel.
Oh, by the way, there's some sort of brigand camp out there. Be careful of them. We don't know who they are, but they've been attacking travelers."
1.png "They won't be a problem."


"Okay, then. I'll just have to collect them myself. At least death by Potcrab sting is quick.
'If I don't come back, would you at least let my family know what happened?"
1.png "Sure thing."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Have you seen those imitation Verteron weapons? Blunt as chair legs and smothered with fake crystal.
Weapons are supposed to be elegant and beautiful, not gaudy like costume jewelry.
Did you bring back the Crystals?"
1.png "Right here."
"What beautiful specimens! These are genuine Crystal Fragments, grown underwater over centuries.
Look at that clarity! The shine!
Thank you. Please, take this. It's the least I can do."


Ivis needed Crystal Fragments in order to ornament the weapons he makes. You dug some up from under the water in Verteron Swamp and brought them to him.

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