Death is a state that all players will inevitably experience. After a death is incurred, players can be resurrected with various items or skills. If the death was a result of a fatal fall or while under the Chain of Suffering I <Chain of Suffering I> debuff, players will be immediately revived at their registered Kisk, bound Obelisk or starting location. While dead, players will notice a desaturation of the screen as well as a general slowing effect to simulate death. Players will not be able to speak in /say or /shout, use general game options, and use items while dead. However, all other local and global channels are available.

For information on resurrecting after death, see the resurrect page.

Death Penalties Edit

Soul Sickness

Every death results in Soul Sickness unless the player chooses to resurrect to a bound kisk. Dredgion also gives players the ability to resurrect to the starting location without Soul Sickness.

PvE deaths

After a player reaches level 5, each death incurs a 1% permanent loss of current XP. In addition, 2% of the player's current XP is converted to recoverable XP that can be regained through Soul Healing. Recoverable XP has a maximum value of roughly 24-28% (varies by player level) of the total experience required to level. The maximum recoverable XP is roughly 85.5 million at level 55. If the maximum value of recoverable XP is reached, this 2% becomes a permanent loss instead.

PvP deaths

Any death dealt by players of the opposite faction incurs a loss of AP based on the difference of the ranks of each player. Deaths caused by NPCs of the opposite faction do not result in the loss of any AP. Players do not lose experience from PvP deaths. PvP deaths still afflict Soul Sickness.

Trivia Edit

The death music that plays in the background when a player is dead is different depending whether the player is an Elyos or Asmodian.

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