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Dayshade is the third boss encountered in the Abyssal Splinter and the third protector guarding the Artifact of Protection. This creature is a fuse of two entities, able to split at will, when feeling in danger.

He is confronted as Dayshade in Abyssal Splinter and Unstable Dayshade in Unstable Abyssal Splinter.


As soon as he is aggroed, he will split into his two halves: <Rukril> and <Ebonsoul>.

In order to be successful in this encounter, both have to be defeated within less than a minute of eachother, making it compulsory to divide into two groups. Both bosses will gain their distinctive buffs raising physical or magical defence; therefore magic and physical dealers should split up. <Rukril> will have Splendid Blessing <Splendid Blessing>, increasing magical defence, while <Ebonsoul> will have Umbral Blessing <Umbral Blessing>, increasing physical defence. It is recommended for magic users to deal with Ebonsoul and physical users to dispose of Rukril.

Nonetheless, players should also watch out for Splendid Barrier <Splendid Barrier> (Rukril)/Umbral Barrier <Umbral Barrier> (Ebonsoul). These buffs makes them invulnerable to any damage. When they gain these, they will spawn Pieces of Splendor and Pieces of Midnight.respectively. These can be destroyed to dispel the shield covering them. In order for it to work, to break a boss' shield, the opposite Piece must be destroyed close to him. In other words, to take out Rukril's Splendid Barrier <Splendid Barrier>, a Piece of Midnight has to be destroyed near him.






  • AP Relics
  • Forgotten Abyssal Fabled set

Unstable Dayshade[]

  • AP Relics
  • Mythic Supplements
  • Legion Coins
  • Unstable Abyssal Fabled set