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Darkblade Ovanuka

Darkblade Ovanuka is one of <Brigade General Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> bodyguards stationed to Sauro Supply Base. Its an optional boss for additional manastones.

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Three Sheban Bladesmen are found with her by default, which can be lured out by using an AoE attack near them or having a class with see-through skills. Later on the fight, three more of them will join. Therefore it is much more preferable to deal with them early on and avoid getting overwhelmed by all of them at once. Other than those additional monsters, her attacks are simple; Swift Edge I <Swift Edge> (single target attack), going invisible and ambushing a random player with Macro type 1 <Powerful Ambush> (single target attack from behind), Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> after 50%, and an AoE attack.

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