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Danuar Sanctuary (DS), also known as Danuar ShelterKR/EU, was an ancient Danuar burial tomb filled with riches and ancient relics of the fallen race. It was originally introduced as an instance for level 65+ players in the 4.0 update. In the 4.8 update the minimum entry level was adjusted to 63, and the instance also received a Hard Mode equivalent for players of level 65 and above: Seized Danuar Sanctuary.

Originally the entrance to this instance was located in the Idian Depths, but was later moved to Perennial Mosswood in Cygnea. and The Blood Grains in Enshar during the Upheaval (4.8). In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game altogether.

Backstory Edit

Original hidden away in the Idian Depths, the Danuar Sanctuary served as the burial ground for the ancient Danuar as well as a safekeep for their treasures and knowledge. When Tiamat invaded Katalam, the Danuar hid their knowledge and records of their findings on science, magic and culture inside to keep them away from the Dragon Lord.

Long after their fall, Beritra started a search for this very same knowledge in the present day. One of his special Intelligence Units was tasked with retrieving the scrolls stored inside. In this effort the Balaur are aided by the Chir Grave Robbers, a band of Shulacks under the command of Rumakiki, the captain of the Steel Rose. Meanwhile, the Elyos and Asmodians have also sent incursions into the crypt in an attempt to stop the Balaur and seize the Danuar artifacts for themselves. Thus begins a deadly race for the hidden inner chamber of the sanctuary, The Chamber of Ruin, where the player and his group must reach before the Balaur or Asmodians can get their hands on that information and make it out.

During the Invasion, Elyos and Asmodian forces were able to open an additional portal leading to the Danuar Sanctuary in Danaria. After the Upheaval, replacement portals were opened in Cygnea and Enshar.

Walkthrough Edit


Danuar Sanctuary map

This instance features two versions. Danuar Sanctuary (Normal Mode) for players of level 63 and above, and Seized Danuar Sanctuary (Hard Mode) which is open to players of level 65. The normal version can be accessed from one's own land (Cygnea for Elyos, Enshar for Asmodians), but to access the hard mode players need to rift over to the opposing faction's land and use their entrance.

Post-Upheaval (4.8+) Edit

All monsters are level 63. Compared to its predecessor the time limit was removed: players will instead proceed through shortened versions of the three areas as a group. Throughout the instance, several <Stone Treasure Box> may be opened for additional loot.

The Catacombs

Players will start in the Danuar Sanctuary Entrance and pass through the door in the middle. Doing so will teleport them to The Catacombs, the first area, where they will only have to slay Balaur and Shulack mobs. The only obstacle will be a <Sturdy Boulder> blocking the way (attacking it will get it destroyed). When reaching the treasury, the first <Stone Treasure Box> can be found inside, being protected by a <Sanctioner Angolem>. They may then use a door leading to second area, The Charnels.

The Charnels

Once here, the group may take the path to the right for the second <Stone Treasure Box>. While to the left, players will encounter several monsters blocking the main way which will have to be defeated. More <Sturdy Boulder> will block the way, and another <Stone Treasure Box> can be found on the left side of the final room. Following them, there will be a door leading to the third part; The Crypts.

The Crypts

To progress further, they will have to take out the <Research Team Veteran Scalemage>, dropping either a Blue key Blue Key or a Red key Red Key, determining what path to follow next. The blue path will open to a room containing another <Stone Treasure Box>, hidden below a <Sanctioner Angolem>, while the red path wont hold anything special. Both ways will lead to the Temple of the Cairn, where the group will have to demolish the rocks in the center to unlock a geyser which will allow them to glide to an upper platform and shoot the <Steel Rose Cannon>. This cannon will open the door to the final passages in The Crypts (another <Stone Treasure Box> can be found shortly after entering).

Reaching the Mausoleum of Butathuan, the pre-final area, it is recommended to clear out all the Dukaki Peons first without aggroing the overseer, Bodyguard Girakin, as the latter will chain aggro all monsters in the room. With her out of the way, the group may tackle the other two named mobs in the room; Bodyguard Yatakin and Unscrupulous Sachirunerk. Together, both can be quite threatening. Bodyguard Yatakin may sometimes use Powerful Qooqoo Transformation, a short range AoE which transforms the affected and reduces their HP by a lot, followed by a strong single target attack (enough to instantly kill the target). Not to mention Unscrupulous Sachirunerk's damage cannot be avoided, and having several strong damage attacks.

Once dealt with, Unscrupulous Sachirunerk will drop the Key type 8 Sentry Post of Eternity Key, required to operate the Siege Drill, breaking open the wall blocking the final chamber. They does however disappear from the player's inventory after 3 minutes. Next to the door there will be the last <Stone Treasure Box> of the instance.

Once inside The Chamber of Ruin, players will face one of the three inspectors, determined randomly as endboss. Warmage Suyaroka, Chief Medic Tagnu or Virulent Ukahim (from easiest to hardest). Each of them have a different set of abilities to watch out for.

Warmage Suyaroka will stick to usual Sorcerer skills, such as Flame Bolt I <Flame Bolt> and Root (npc) <Sweltering Heat (skill)>. But from time to time, she will reflect either physical or magical attack with special shields, and cast Protector's Magic Smash, an extremely strong hitting single target attack. she will also attempt to drain people's MP with Aether Arrow (npc) <Head Wound>. When low on HP, she will create a shield around her using Dark Shield and begin casting Dark Necromancy, inflicting huge damage to all players within 40m from her. This combo is extremely deadly as she will usually follow this with Protector's Magic Smash, potentially killing someone low on HP. This can be countered, as Dark Shield can be broken by dealing enough damage on her. Alternatively, the effect from Dark Necromancy can be avoided by simply running far away enough from her before the skill goes off.

Chief Medic Tagnu will continuously have the Hallowed Strike (npc) effect (reduced attack speed) on everyone, and will call forth a Balaur guard by casting Dispatch (easily killed with a few hits). After a few moments, she will also use another attack; Hydro Eruption. The fight picks up at around 20% of her HP, where she will gain the Dark Shield protective buff, summon three Balaur Assassin with Chain Fury and begin using a long cast time heal, Breath of Hope (this heal will recover a huge chunk of her own HP, lengthening the fight). The only strategy is quickly killing her summoned mobs and interrupt her Breath of Hope cast by dealing enough damage on her.

Finally, Virulent Ukahim. His usual skills include Swift Edge I <Swift Edge>, Crippling Wave and rune-related attacks. Attacks to watch out for are Fatal Disease (poisons the target and prevents them from recovering HP) and Boost Deadly Virulence (an attack which inflicts additional damage to targets already poisoned). It is however when he is below 40% HP where he becomes an extreme threat. He will use Pursuit Engraving on every player, increasing their attack power and max HP but tremendously decreasing their movement speed, making it impossible to kite the boss. Then he will follow it up buffing himself with Berserk, increasing his offensive attributes, attack and movement speed, for 20 seconds. Without strong heals or protective buffs from the party, this boss will swiftly take down an unprepared member because of his damage output. As long as they can survive these stages reliably, he can be defeated.

Having defeated the final boss. The group may loot his body for ancient relics, crafting materials or a chance for the instance's gear. A portal will appear on the left side of the platform to exit the instance.

Seized Danuar Sanctuary Edit

A level 65 instance which follows the same structure as the regular post 4.8 Danuar Sanctuary, with just minor differences in monster placement. Monsters in this area deal more damage and are way more resilient. Players, once inside, can also take a repeatable Spy quest to slay guards of the opposing faction found throughout the instance for Blood Mark <Blood Marks>.

Pre-Upheaval (4.0-4.7) Edit

Level 65 instance, all monsters are of the said level. The group has to split up at the start between three paths and co-ordinate their efforts to reach the final bosses together before the 20 minutes timer expires. Once inside, players will need to decide once they spawn in the Danuar Sanctuary Entrance. Once the Sanctuary Keybox is destroyed, players can loot a bundle which contains the three different color coded keys; 22px They Catacombs Key (yellow), 22px They Charnels Key (green) and 22px They Crypts Key (blue). Most opt to designate The Catacombs to a single player, The Charnels to a group of two and The Crypts to the three remaining members.

The player taking The Catacombs path will have to take the yellow key and proceed to the entrance in the middle. After making through some Shulack diggers, the player will meet up with an elite Shulack Dreadmage (labelled as Key Master). Once defeated, she will drop either a Red key Red Key or a Blue key Blue Key. The appropriate key indicated with an orb in its middle. One opened, the player will notice the presence of Asmodian and Elyos Expedition Units. During the next parts, the player will encounter more Shulacks, Balaur and <Sturdy Boulder> blocking the path. Eventually, the player will meet up with a Cube Mystic Keystone which when used will open the path to the players in The Crypts. The following door into the treasury will be opened up by the players in The Charnels. To advance into the The Chamber of Ruin, both other groups will have to use their keystones.

The players taking The Charnels path will have to take the green key and both will proceed to the entrance on the left. As soon as they enter, they will have to activate the Bronze Mystic Keystone to let the player in The Catacombs to pass to the treasury. The door nearby will be opened by the players doing The Crypts path. In the next rooms the player will confront Bloodwings, Shulacks and Balaur. A Shulack Mercenary Veteran Mage will pop up which will either drop a Red key Red Key or Blue key Blue Key, used to open a nearby door. Eventually, the players will find themselves in the Court of Suspended Stone, an area with several moving platforms. After doing some jumping, the players will reach the platform in the middle where a cannon in stationed. Once used, it will demolish a weak wall in the room, which will allow the players to reach the Mausoleum of Butathuan, where the whole group will meet up.

The players taking on The Crypts path will have to take the blue key and proceed to the entrance on the right. Once inside, they will have to make through some Balaur soldiers, eventually reaching spiked traps which have to be jumped over. They will then spot the Golden Mystic Keystone which will open the path for the players in The Charnels. Players will then meet with a Research Team Elite Mage, holding a Red key Red Key or Blue key Blue Key to open one of the following doors. They will find themselves in the Temple of the Cairn, in whose middle there is a boulder, which one destroyed will reveal a geyser. This one will allow the members to reach a cannon in an upper platform to open a blocked gate on the opposite wall. The final door, leading the Mausoleum of Butathuan, will be opened by the player doing The Catacombs path.

Once the group meets up in the Mausoleum of Butathuan, they will have to clear out the Dukaki Peons around in order to not get overwhelmed by them. It can be avoided by not attacking Bodyguard Girakin. Afterwards, the group can freely take her out. Additionally, they will have to slay Bodyguard Yatakin and Unscrupulous Sachirunerk. Once finished up, they will drop the Key type 8 Sentry Post of Eternity Key required to activate the Siege Drill and gain access to The Chamber of Ruin, where they will meet with the three main bosses; the unit inspectors Warmage Suyaroka, Chief Medic Tagnu and Virulent Ukahim. The bosses may later be looted for the instance's rewards.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

Danuar Sanctuary
Seized Danuar Sanctuary

Trivia Edit

  • The instance was originally entered from Ide Mine Alpha in Idian Depths.
  • The final chamber of the instance, The Chamber of Ruin, holds a Dredgion parked at its top. This Dredgion is uniquely designed to mimic the Beritran Army theme.
  • All Shulack mobs in this instance have a chance of dropping Steel Rose Pirates' fabled gear, a set originally from Steel Rose.
  • If the quest Tango quest icon [Instance] Robbers and Hoods [?] (E)/Tango quest icon [Instance] Robbing Riches [?] (A) is completed 10 times, the player is rewarded a free piece of the Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin> set. The quest item is in the Chamber of Ruin, the final section of the instance.

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