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Danuar Reliquary (DR), also known as Runadium, is a group instance for players of level 65 and above. Its entrance is located in Emberpine Pass in Kaldor. It is an ancient training ground, now haunted by spirits and possessed by a witch.

There have been two additional versions of the original instance. Lucky Danuar Reliquary, now removed, offering a lower difficulty and varying rewards. And Infernal Danuar Reliquary, dropping materials (cruxes) that are used to purify the mythic gear obtained from the regular version.

Backstory Edit

The Danuar witch Modor had a promising future. She and her son successfully resisted Tiamat's attacks. However a great explosion killed her only remaining relative. Consumed with grief, she hid inside an ancient training ground - the Danuar Reliquary, hidden in the Idian Depths.

She became obsessed with the idea of resurrecting her dead son, but her desperate efforts have all been in vain. Her failed attempts have called forth many ghostly spirits, which haunt the Reliquary to this day. It is whispered of as an accursed place, and anyone who comes near will have to face the witch's spite and torment.

Walkthrough Edit

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This is a timed instance (20 minutes). The hidden timer will be started as soon as the last of the initial three adds has been disposed of.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

Danuar Reliquary
Lucky Danuar Reliquary
Infernal Danuar Reliquary
  • Pure Lunatic Modor's cruxes
  • Pallasite Materials
  • Pure Lunatic Modor's mythic headgear

Trivia Edit

  • Every group member used to require aWhite oval crystal Danuar Reliquary Waykey to enter, which was morphed out of22px Ide Shards, dropped from mobs around Idian Depths using a special recipe. As of 4.5, this entry requirement was removed.
  • Its entrance was originally placed in the northern area of the Grand Passage, Idian Depths. But as of 4.7 it was moved to Emberpine Pass, Kaldor.
  • Lucky Danuar Reliquary was removed as of 5.0, as with every NPC and quest related to it.
  • After the Upheaval, one of the NPCs in Cygnea will comment that a Dragon Lord is supposedly "an even greater danger than the ancient Danuar witch" he's heard so many stories about.
  • It follows a similar structure to Dragon Lord's Refuge and Infinity Shard, where there is only one boss, that being the main one.

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