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The Danuar, also known as the Rune Tribe, were an advanced ancient race which existed before the Cataclysm. They were indigenous to the area we now know as Katalam, Danaria and Kaldor, and later Idian Depths.

History Edit

Origin Edit

Much of their starting days remains as a mystery. Created by Aion himself, they surged at the same time the Balaur spawned. Being compared to them, they acted as two different poles, much like Elyos and Asmodians. While the Balaur were darkness, the Danuar were light.

Being such a gifted race, they soon arose as the true overlords of the outer halves. Building majestic temples and powerful weapons, they suppressed any opposition from the Balaur empire.

Demise Edit

The bitterness and desire for power coming from Tiamat grew stronger across the years. She began invading Katalam in search of a Danuar weapon to put an end to the war. Her armies attacked, pushing the Danuar to Danaria. To prevent further advancements and gain time, they ordered their petralith servants to build a giant stone wall between the two regions, which they named Eremion Bulwark.

For a while, they withstood the waves of the Tiamat legions. Desperate to reclaim their lands and sure of their victory, the Danuar attempted to reconquer Katalam in various occasions. The battle went on for some time; while the Danuar slowly lost forces, the Balaur were less affected by the lengthened battle. One unfortunate day, Tiamat's followers finally made it through the bulwark, which pushed them towards their last standpoint; Idian Depths, their underground warehouse for Ide, treasures and armoury.

With scarce numbers and no major defences, aware of their incoming ending, they wished to prevent the Balaur from getting their claws on their fearsome Hyperions and causing more pain to those they would use them on. Able to detonate most of their hangar, they did, unavailing most of them. The last survivors eventually met their finale, putting an end to this ancient race.

Kaldor and Panesterra Edit

Dan insc

Danuar inscription showing them creating the weapon

Sometime between their fights with the Balaur and their extinction, they built a colossal and impenetrable fortress in Kaldor, Wealhtheow's Keep, where they established. Surrounded by lush forests, no one expected the frontal gardens to turn into the battlefield in which the Danuar fought one of their greatest enemies; Fregion, the one ruler and founder of the whole Balaur empire.

Dan insc2

Danuar inscription showing them protecting the weapon

The fortress kept a weapon, similar to an Idgel Cube. Desired by the Balaur, they attacked the fortified castle. A bloody battle was fought, with the Dragon Lord leading the charge. In a final hope, the commander in charge, Anoha, detonated the weapon. The resulting explosion was strong enough not only to injure Fregion, but also to rip the land apart, The surface destabilised, causing the earth plaques to form a canyon in whose middle the fortress was.

Part of the land was blown up, revealing the shining magma hidden under layers of earth. The energy released by the explosion distorted time and space, causing parts of the land to be transported into a different dimension, transforming the newly created islands into Panesterra. The survivors of the weapons were transported to this new region, in which they built new fortresses.

Forwarding to the time of the Hyperion's destruction, Beritra found his way into this land, which he easily conquered and claimed as his. The surviving Danuar's reason for extinction is indeed unknown; whether Beritra slaughtered them or they naturally died. Whichever the case, they suffered the same fate as their comrades in Atreia.

Characteristics Edit

Much like Atreians and Reians, they possessed the appearance of humans, while being slightly taller than them. Prideful, their armours were decorated with gold and silver, crafted with the finest threads.

They prioritised intelligence and strategy, researching different fields; from philosophy and fundamentalism of the universe to the most advanced weaponry and devices. Being the true erudites of Atreia of the time, they felt as the "guides"; the ones illuminating the path for the future people. Keeping all their findings recorded, spread across Katalam but cunningly organised, they wished to prevent their civilisation from being buried in the sands of time.

Known for their supreme control over Ide and Aether, they show an outstanding power and self defence. Utilising Ide as the fuel for most of their machines, they intensely farmed it from the veins of Idian Depths and processing it for their use. Aware of its corrosive dangers, they stored them in Idgel Cubes or transformed them into less menacing substances. Once ready for use, they used their refined resourced to deploy powerful weapons, able to seize whole armies at once.

Traces Edit

Katalam Edit

Their most iconic trace is the Eremion Bulwark, still standing strong separating Katalam and Danaria. Just as Aion created the Jotun, they created the Novun, protectors and builders which they used to raise up this gigantic wall.

Much of what remains of them and their legacy is found in Idian Depths, coming in the form of ancient ruins, relics, ghosts, weapons and other mysteries from a time long past. Golems are shaped like them, and several spirits roam around, wearing their armour.

Nonetheless, the most important fact is that Modor Arrownail is the only Danuar survivor. This ancient witch was crazed by the loss of her son and dedicated her life to revive him, inhabiting the Danuar Reliquary. However, Daevas are sent to terminate her in order to prevent her findings on how to manage Ide from falling in Beritra's hands.

One of the secrets within Kaldor is a sword placed between Wealhtheow's Keep and Hero's Fall. It is a relic which, within itself, holds an ancient Danuar spirit; Anoha. Once awakened his emotions take over him, causing him to manifest as a powerful elemental spirit and to lose control (Berserker Anoha). Once defeated, he takes back his human ghost form explaining his tale (Commander Anoha).

Inggison/Gelkmaros Edit

Udas Temple presents the Danuar Vestibule, a corridor connecting the three wings of the building. While not clear why they named this hallway like them, it is likely considering this ancient race's power in Balaurea.

Sarpan/Tiamaranta Edit

It is revealed in the 4.5 campaigns (exclusive for Aethertechs), that Protector Oriata is of Danuar origin. Being part of that civilisation allowed her to achieve a great control of Aether and Ide. This knowledge allowed her to stand out when she moved with the Reians and becoming the protector she is now.

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