Order: The citadel is endangered by fragments that have been appearing from the Abyss. Help Kairon, who is desperately trying to remove them before they cause injury.

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Speak with Kairon to obtain the quest. Fly up to the platform above Verteron and speak with Hynops. Destroy the Abyss Fragments. Return to Kairon to finish quest and collect the reward.

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"Your footprints are new to this region, yet already you've made a name for yourself. Few mercenaries are called to service; indeed I fear you will have to prove yourself many times over before some of the more cynical Daevas embrace you as one of us.
There will be ample opportunity for that, I'm sure. These are dangerous times--our lands are threatened from all sides.
Even from above. Look up, [Player Name]."
1 "I destroyed something similar in Poeta."
"Yes, I heard about that.
This Abyss Gateway is under our control--or at least as much as something like that can be. It helps us track the movements of both Balaur and Asmodian forces.
Unfortunately, many people have been injured by fragments that fall from the Abyss."
1 "Ouch. Can I can help?"
"I'm glad you asked. We don't have enough Guardians on hand to deal with the fragments ourselves, and this will be a good test of your abilities.
Seek out Guardian Hynops. He's kept watch over the gateway since its construction. He's almost part of the furniture now!
To find him, head straight up."
1 "Wait...straight up?"
"That's right, straight up! You have wings now, my friend; it's time to put them to use!
No need to be afraid, [Player Name]. Just remember to keep an eye on your flight stamina, and head for solid ground the moment you start to feel tired.
Flight is integral to everything we do, Daeva. Soon it will become second nature, and you will fly as gracefully as a bird."
1 "I hope so...."

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"Hyplos[sic] sent you to help, you say? Hmph...about time!
I swear, if more Daeva witnessed the gruesome sight of someone being squashed by an Abyss Fragment, I'd have volunteers lining up!
Well, get to it, then. Those fragments need to be destroyed before they lose their Aetheric energies and plunge to the ground.
And make sure you rest every now and then. I'm not fond of irony--I'd prefer it if you didn't fall on some poor unsuspecting Shugos."
1 "Is there anything else I need to know?"
"How about falling hurts?
Look, the only real danger the fragments pose is when they fall. They don't emit anything harmful. Of course, don't take that as gospel--our researchers still don't fully understand the Abyss.
What are you waiting for, [Player Class]?"
1 "What am I facing?"
"Oh. Right. Okay, listen up. You can destroy the fragments by spear or spell, at range or close up.
Just pay attention to your stamina, and for Aion's sake, if you get tired, get yourself down to a safe height before it's too late!
Remember, you can glide far longer than you can fly. Once you've taken out enough fragments, report to Kairon."
1 "For the Seraphim Lords!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Those fragments threaten us every day.
They are swords hanging above our heads, ready to strike without warning. Sadly, few are willing to help remove the threat.
What about you, [Player Class]? Were you able to help Hynops?"
1 "I was. I destroyed the dangerous fragments."
"Then your ascension signified more than becoming a Daeva! You have torn yourself free of your mercenary background, set aside your avarice, and worked for the benefit of others.
You have done well. Pernos would be proud. Take this, [Player Name]."


  • This quest was originally called "Danger Overhead".


You were ordered to talk to Kairon.

He was concerned about the number of Abyss Fragments threatening the safety of the fortress. He asked you to help Hynops, who was standing guard at the Abyss Gate.

You helped him remove the Abyss Fragments, then reported back to Kairon.

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