Jooma, a dye expert, ran out of material to make dyes and is in trouble. Go and collect the materials for her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Vespine Ichor (0/10)
Stinky Sap (0/10)
Ruko Fiber (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go to Poeta or Verteron to collect Ruko Fiber. Go to Eltnen to the Manduri Forest to kill <Piercing Vespine> to get the Vespine Ichor. Go to Theobomos to the Crimson Barrows to kill Stinking Clodworms to collect the Sticky Sap. The drops are not 100%, so kill until you collect the required number. Return to Sanctum and talk to Jooma to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Everyone in Elysea wants White Dye. It's always the first to sell out. I don't even keep it on display, it goes so quickly. I only make it to order.
People see white clothes as a status symbol--not just because they're hard to keep clean, but also because they look so attractive with wings. Don't you think?
When the light catches you as you fly, white armor shines like stars!"
1 "I've admired a shining bright Daeva or two."
"Emerald green is the next most popular color.
It's very elegant and sophisticated. Plus, the price is reasonable.
I frequently have to prepare more Emerald Dye."
1 "Green like the forests of home."
"Do you know what the third most popular item is? Would you's Dye Remover?
Mind you, if people found out what it's made from, they might not want it so badly...
If you promise to collect me the materials for White Dye, Emerald Green Dye, and Dye Remover, I'll let you in on the secret."

Accept Edit

"White Dye is made from Ruko from the plants found in Poeta and Verteron. It may sound strange to make a dye out of fiber, but it works. Emerald Green Dye is made from the body fluids of the Piercing Vespines in Eltnen.
And Dye Remover is made from...don't tell this to anyone...the sap of the Stinking Clodworms in Theobomos.
If you bring me Ruko Fiber, Vespine Ichor, and Stinky Sap, I'll give you some dye as a reward."
X "Of course!"

Decline Edit

"Well, I can't force you to help.
I thought that dye would be a suitable reward for the materials.
Frankly, the color you're wearing now doesn't really suit you, [Player Name]."
X "What's wrong with how I look?"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I've heard complaints that my dye is too expensive. They say I maintain a monopoly to reap profits.
But they don't know anything about this industry. Making dye requires intensive labor and expensive materials."
1 "Here's the materials."

Failed Item Check Edit

"I'm almost out of materials. My supply won't hold out much longer.
Please bring me Ruko Fiber, Vespine Ichor, and Sticky Sap.
I don't want to disappoint Daevas who care about maintaining their image."
X "Right, wouldn't want that."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Aha! The materials are here. I had to stop creating dye, because I'd run out.
Thank you. Have some dye as a reward. I think green will look good on you, [Player Name].
Have you used dye before? Choose the dye and then pour it on your armor. Ah, how lovely!"

Summary Edit

Jooma, a dye expert, was nearly out of raw materials for her work.

She asked you to get Ruko Fiber, Vespine Ichor, and Stinky Sap so she could continue to manufacture her most popular products--White Dye, Emerald Green Dye, and Dye Remover.

You collected the raw materials and she gave you dye as a reward.

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