Aion Upheaval - Cygnea Flythrough

Aion Upheaval - Cygnea Flythrough

Cygnea (SigniaKR/EU) is the left half of the sunken continent that was uncovered during the Upheaval. It was since occupied by the Elyos and now serves as the leveling zone for level 56-75 Elyos characters. After the 6.5 update some unused areas were refurbished into zones related to the Pandora Agency.

The map is connected to its Asmodian counterpart, Enshar, through different types of rifts that occasionally appear in the landscape.

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Map of Cygnea

Cygnea appears a largely lush, verdant map, with traces of its previously submerged status still visible throughout the landscape. Various structures and ruins are evidence of <Tiamat'sTiamat> past influence over the region. Elyos players start at the Aequis Headquarters (bottom-left) at level 56 and steadily work their way through the map until they eventually reach the vicinity around the Aequis Outpost (level 75). The map has a beautiful scenery and aesthetic appeal, so there is plenty for the eye to see.

Cygnea has no neutral zones and is occasionally subject to Asmodian incursions. There are three outposts which can be reached via flight transport from the starting base, and each of these outposts provide an additional teleport to the nearest Territory Village. Along the roads players will find several heavily-fortified gates and outposts that offer some protection and prevent the Asmodians from freely traversing the map, although some of these outposts can easily be circumvented.

As part of the Pandora Development Agency feature, Black Fin Canyon, Frostshard Cavern and Wiltfog Briar are blocked off and only become accessible through the rifts which spawn when the event takes place.

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A land with two names, wrenched forth from the depths of a reluctant ocean, bares its face anew to the sun and sky. Secrets long drowned fill Cygnea and Enshar with a spark of mystery and foreboding. A darkness hangs over these lands, casting a shadow over each meeting of blades. Filled with aquatic creatures and treacherous, alien terrain, these lost lands hold secrets best left forgotten.

On one half of the risen island sits Cygnea, where the Elyos have occupied their forces. Cygnea, which until very recently was in the depths of the ocean, still houses its abundance of aquatic life and features. While above land now, you'll still feel as if you're below the waves whether you're fighting the Blackfin tribe or seeking the entrance to the Drakanspire.

-Official description from the 4.8 Patchnotes.

Trivia Edit

6.0 Changes

  • Cygnea used to be a map for 56-65 Elyos characters. After the 6.0 update this level range was extended to 56-75 (due to the map taking over Iluma's role).
  • Originally Asmodian players needed to travel to Cygnea via rifts to access the Hard Mode versions of several of their instances. These higher difficulty versions were removed with the update. Rifts leading to this map subsequently received level restrictions to prevent higher level players from venturing into the region.
  • The map's three villages used to be part of the Territory Challenge. Legions could compete in the Stonespear Siege instance for ownership over the villages, granting its members additional benefits. This system was removed with the update, and the villages were refurbished into regular questing outposts.
    • As part of the Territory Challenge, Volatile Rifts would appear in the map's three hunting zones (Black Fin Canyon, Frostshard Cavern, Wiltfog Briar) every day. Elyos players could use these to travel to Enshar, prompting special elite-grade monsters to spawn on the other side which could then be hunted down in groups to advance the Legion Task related to the Territory Challenge.
    • This system was partially adapted by the Pandora Agency during the 6.5 update. During set times players can use the Volatile Rifts that appear in Lakrum to partake in quests related to the Agency.
  • The map also used to have an Idian Depths access portal that would appear on select moments.
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