Cubics is a system which allows players to permanently boost their attributes. Introduced in the 6.2 update, it can be accessed by opening the Menu and selecting the "Cubic" option. While the only way to farm the necessary items is strictly exclusive to players of level 80, its benefits are available to players of any level.

The stat boosts from cubics affect all characters on the same account, making them particularly useful to players who play multiple characters. After the 7.0 update the benefits are limited to characters on the same account on the same server.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The system is fairly straightforward. There are different categories for every Cubic, determined by the attribute said Cubic boosts. Each category is divided in three rarities; Bronze, Silver and Golden. These add to the category's respective stat in greater or lesser amounts.


In order to enhance the character's attributes, the player needs to be in possession of a specific Cubicle. Cubicles are items required for the process. Every Cubicle has a certain rarity and category assigned, indicated on their name.

Cubicles are registered from the Cubic window. In order to activate their effect (the stat boost), the level indicated with a blue text and tag "[In progress]" must be fulfilled by filling the bar for that stage. Once the bar is filled, the level/stage will be completed, and the effect is active. Then they may proceed with the following level, all the way to the highest one for that Cubic rarity. By registering Cubicles, the bar fills up, each Cubicle being worth one point.


The effect of a Cubic is automatically added to every character within the same account, regardless of server, level or faction when activated. The effect is permanent, without any kind of limitation. All effects from every level from every Cubic stack. For example, while having a Silver Griffon's Wisdom Cubic with the first two levels completed (Magic Attack +32 and Magic Attack +46), the player will receive a final stat boost of Magical Attack +78. Different rarities for Cubics also stack, such as having the previously mentioned Silver Griffon's Wisdom Cubic giving Magical Attack +78 and a Golden Griffon's Wisdom Cubic giving Magical Attack +33, resulting in the sum of both (Magical Attack +111).

Cubics List[edit | edit source]

Cubic Stat Boosted Accepted Cubicles
Life Cubic HP
  • Golden Garkion's Life Cubicle
  • Silver Garkion's Life Cubicle
  • Bronze Garkion's Life Cubicle
Mind Cubic MP
  • Golden Agrint's Mind Cubicle
  • Silver Agrint's Mind Cubicle
  • Bronze Agrint's Mind Cubicle
Blessing Cubic Healing Boost
  • Golden Trico's Blessing Cubicle
  • Silver Trico's Blessing Cubicle
  • Bronze Trico's Blessing Cubicle
Lunacy Cubic Physical Attack
  • Golden Worg's Lunacy Cubicle
  • Silver Worg's Lunacy Cubicle
  • Bronze Worg's Lunacy Cubicle
Wisdom Cubic Magic Attack
  • Golden Griffon's Wisdom Cubicle
  • Silver Griffon's Wisdom Cubicle
  • Bronze Griffon's Wisdom Cubicle
Protection Cubic Physical Def
  • Golden Starturtle's Protection Cubicle
  • Silver Starturtle's Protection Cubicle
  • Bronze Starturtle's Protection Cubicle
Aegis Cubic Magic Resistance
  • Golden Scolopen's Aegis Cubicle
  • Silver Scolopen's Aegis Cubicle
  • Bronze Scolopen's Aegis Cubicle
Will Cubic Accuracy
  • Golden Malodor's Will Cubicle
  • Silver Malodor's Will Cubicle
  • Bronze Malodor's Will Cubicle
Rationality Cubic Magic Accuracy
  • Golden Oculazen's Rationality Cubicle
  • Silver Oculazen's Rationality Cubicle
  • Bronze Oculazen's Rationality Cubicle
Agility Cubic Evasion
  • Golden Airon's Agility Cubicle
  • Silver Airon's Agility Cubicle
  • Bronze Airon's Agility Cubicle
Honor Cubic Parry
  • Golden Specter's Honor Cubicle
  • Silver Specter's Honor Cubicle
  • Bronze Specter's Honor Cubicle
Oath Cubic Shield Defense
  • Golden Petralith's Oath Cubicle
  • Silver Petralith's Oath Cubicle
  • Bronze Petralith's Oath Cubicle
Silence Cubic Magic Defense
  • Golden Panolem's Silence Cubicle
  • Silver Panolem's Silence Cubicle
  • Bronze Panolem's Silence Cubicle

Ereshkigal Cubics[edit | edit source]

Ereshkigal Cubics were introduced in 6.5. They behave just like regular Cubics do, but, instead of boosting specific general stats, they boost stats which only take effect during the battle against <Ereshkigal> in The Veilenthrone.

Cubic Stat Boosted Accepted Cubicles
Ereshkigal Expert Defenses against <Ereshkigal>
  • Ereshkigal's Expert Golden Cubicle
  • Ereshkigal's Expert White Silver Cubicle
  • Ereshkigal's Expert Bronze Cubicle
Ereshkigal Hunter Attack power against <Ereshkigal>
  • Ereshkigal's Hunter Golden Cubicle
  • Ereshkigal's Hunter White Silver Cubicle
  • Ereshkigal's Hunter Bronze Cubicle

Cubicle Acquisition[edit | edit source]

General Cubicles[edit | edit source]

The main source for Cubicles is running Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab, a solo instance for level 80 players and above, only accessible form Lakrum. Upon completing the instance, a Survivalist's Cube, a Defender's Cube and an Aggressor's Cube will appear, looted for random Cubicles of varying rarities. A 4th bonus cube of a random type may be available if <Struggling Dorunerk>, a bonus NPC, spawned during the run.

Another viable source for Cubicles is open world activities in Lakrum. All across the region there are named mobs which drop Cucibles in bundles:

  • Bronze Cubicles are dropped from elite-grade monsters with the "<Leader>" tag, in a stack of 1.
  • Silver Cubicles are dropped from hero-grade monsters (named mini-bosses), in a stack of 3. When these monsters spawn their location will be shown on the map.
  • Golden Cubicles are dropped by Lakrum's field boss, <Berserk Anomos>, in a stack of 10.

Ereshkigal Cubicles[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pandora Agency

The only source of Ereshkigal Cubicles are weekly quests related to the Pandora Agency. These quests require the player to take part in the Enshar/Cygnea infiltration and reach the end goal. Only Bronze Ereshkigal Cubicles can be obtained. Silver and Gold must be unlocked through Cubicle Exchange.

Cubicle Exchange[edit | edit source]

Eventually players will find themselves with Cubicles they no longer have use for. For such cases, an exchange NPC was put in place in Lakrum so that useless Cubicles can be exchanged for more useful ones. This is exchange is limited to rarity. Meaning, while Bronze ones can be exchanged for Silver ones and Silver ones for Golden ones, exchanges between, for instance, Lunacy and Wisdom Cubicles, is not possible.

Those NPCs are Flanne in Ancient Sanctum of Life (Elyos Logo small.png Elyos), and Blansh in Ancient Temple of Wisdom (Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian).

Quests[edit | edit source]

The introductory questline to this feature is started by talking with Qubrinerk in Devastated Coast, south of Lakrum. The first quest is Tango quest icon.png Qubrinerk's Request for Help [?], requesting the player to kill mobs attacking her mercenaries in the nearby areas. Completing this quest will unlock the quest Tango quest icon.png [Instance Dungeon] Reclaim Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab [?], requiring a successful run through Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab.

Upon completion, the tutorial quest becomes available; Tango quest icon.png [Tutorial] Using Cubics [?].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shugos were the inventors of Cubics. Daevas then adopted this system.
  • Golden Cubicles, unlike Bronze and Silver, can be registered on the Broker. As such, a good way to make kinah is exchanging the extra Cubicles owned for Golden ones and registering them for other players.
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