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Fully expanded cube with Pet Bag icon and a collapsed cube tab.

See also: Pet Inventory

The Cube, also known as the player's inventory, is where a player carries their items and kinah. The Inventory Window (Default: I) holds all items that you acquire through looting, quest rewards, or any items that are bought or traded, along with the amount of kinah you possess. Hover over any item with the mouse to get more information about it.

If you have multiple items in a stack, and would like to split it up into smaller stacks, use shift + right-click.

To rename a cube within your inventory, right-click on the name (EX: Default Cube) and type in the new name. Limit 10 characters.

Each 'tab' in the cube (3 x 9 compartment) can be renamed, or hidden temporarily.

  • Inventory organization button.jpg - Use this button to automatically organize your inventory.
  • Trash bin.jpg - Drag and drop items on to the Trash Bin to delete them. Certain items cannot be deleted.
  • Extra Inventory Slot.jpg - Extra Inventory Slot - If your inventory is full and you complete a quest, the quest reward will be placed here. You must clear space in your inventory and then the item will move out of this slot.

Special Cube[]

Special Cube.png

With the 3.7 update, a cube storage for quest items was added. Labelled "Special Cube" it will appear to the left of the inventory cube when it is opened. All quest items will automatically be placed into that cube, freeing space in the regular inventory cube.

Cube Expansion Cube Expansion.png[]

The inventory cube players begin the game with.

*Note: As of the 24 month Veteran Rewards, there is a total of 108 inventory slots.

By default, you will only have 27 inventory slots + 1 extra inventory slot for quest items.

You can expand your Cube by visiting a Cube Artisan in the first town you come to as a starting player, the Capital City of your respective race, and Tigraki Island. The more rows of inventory slots you want to purchase, the higher the fee. Artisans can only expand your cube to level 5. After that, there are a few quests and rewards to expand further.

Cube Artisans
Region Cube Artisan Level(s) Slots
Aldelle Village <Bacorerk> 1 36
Akarios Village <Baevrunerk> 1 36
Pandaemonium <Nekorunerk>
2-4 63
Sanctum <Heerunerk>
2-4 63
Tigraki Island Jarumonerk 5 72
Asmodian quests
  • Tango quest icon.png Vindachinerk's Offer [?]
  • Tango quest icon.png Unexpected Reward [?]
Elyos quests

The Elyos quest line, The Legend of Vindachinerk, changes depending on whom you deliver the item to--Suganerk or Kohrunerk. Regardless of who you choose, the cube will be expanded.

  • Tango key quest icon.png <A Lucky Day> [30]
  • Tango quest icon.png The Legend of Vindachinerk [?] or Tango quest icon.png Jaiorunerk's Tombstone [?]
Veteran Reward
  • Red card.gif (Event) Expand Cube Ticket - 1 month veteran reward
  • Red card.gif Greater Expand Cube Ticket - 24 month veteran reward

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